Instead of making the usual New Year resolutions to give things up, try an alternative approach and take something new up instead. While there is nothing wrong with the very good intentions of trying to be healthier in mind and body after the holiday excesses, it just seems more difficult to make unrealistic resolutions, most of which involve having less of something which give you the most pleasure. Why make January and February harder than what they are already by cutting out what you love.

Once all the children return after the holiday, we’ll be encouraging them to reflect on their achievements last term and telling them that any resolutions they intend to make need to be achievable, practical and with the strong likelihood that they will succeed. It seems a little pointless to set goals which are likely to be unachievable, much better to make small incremental and progressive steps towards manageable goals, than giant leaps towards (likely) failure and disappointment. Even the ambitious know the sky isn’t always the limit, whatever the books might say!

So, my New Year resolution is to encourage everyone to take something up and to set themselves achievable goals. For me, I’m taking up the challenge of reading a Penguin Classic every month; twelve to go…….