School life
The Knighton school day is a full one and begins at 7.30 with the pony bell — the signal for girls to bring the ponies in from the fields. After breakfast and registration for day girls, the school meets daily for an assembly, led by a member of staff, or twice-termly by the vicar of the parish.

Timetabled music, sport and riding all fit in to the busy calendar. Children also take extra music lessons, plus choir and music practice. Every Wednesday, after-school clubs give the girls the chance to try something new: activities include shooting, cookery, animation, arts and crafts, tapestry and gardening. Matches against other schools are usually on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The school week culminates on Saturday with a service in Durweston parish church, where the girls read and sing and are often addressed by visiting speakers. Regular theme days and charity days are great fun, immersing the children in a subject and helping raise money for charities. Groups regularly make excursions to events and attractions, plays and musicals, around Dorset and beyond.