The vision, aims and core values of Knighton House School:


Our Vision:
To be an outstanding and inclusive school where the individual is valued and their all-round development is nurtured in a safe, happy and stimulating environment.


Our Core Aims:
1. To provide an excellent academic education for our pupils.

2. To instil a love of learning and a spirit of enquiry and creativity in all our pupils.

3. To offer a rich and varied range of learning experiences.

4. To develop the strengths and talents of every child, helping them discover
their potential.

5. To create an environment, rooted in our core values, where we respect and
care for each other.

6. To help children develop sensitivity to the world around them and empathy
for others.

7. To encourage children to be confident, courageous and considerate.

8. To promote the fun and laughter that is the essence of a happy childhood.


Our Core Values:
Respect: for ourselves, for others within our community and outside it, for our own and others’ property.

Integrity: knowing right from wrong and doing right even when no-one is looking; knowing what we believe in and sticking to it; being comfortable with who we are.

Service: putting the needs of others and our community before ourselves.

Compassion: putting kindness and understanding at the heart of our relationships with others.


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Access to information:
Parents, on request, can access:

  • Particulars of the academic performance during the preceding year.
  • Educational provision for pupils with statement and pupils for whom English is an additional language.



Please note: All policies can be viewed in school or an electronic copy can be sent without charge on request.

You can download our Safeguarding Policy here:

unknown  07a 8a Safeguarding and Child protection Policy and Procedures Sept 2017



Knighton’s most recent ISI inspection reports:

ISI – Educational Quality Inspection 2017:

pdficon1 Knighton House EQI Final 21 04 17

ISI – Focused Compliance Inspection 2017:

pdficon1  Knighton House FCI Final 21 04 17