Riding is a Knighton institution and an essential part of the school. Our British Horse Society approved stables are home to our equine boarders: girls can bring ponies to school which are then looked after and loved by all the riders here.

At the moment we have fourteen ponies in the stables supervised by our full-time riding staff and over half the pupils ride. Each session is an hour long and we alternate between lessons in our outdoor arena and hacks around the 600 acres of Bryanston park.

The girls bring in the ponies before breakfast and can visit, groom and chat to them during their free time. The stables are next door to the pet shed so many firm friendships are established between children and creatures great and small.

Regular events include handy pony competitions, combined training of dressage and showjumping (over jumps designed and built by Knighton parents) gymkhanas and tetrathlon. Knighton regularly competes at regional and national events and our riders have scored many notable successes.