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Time spent at Knighton House creates happy memories that stay with people long after they leave. All OKs are part of a far-flung community that shares an affection for this special place. Chaired by Fiona Potter the OK Committee helps everyone keep in touch, organising events and reunions.

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Dear Old Knightonian,

Please see an invitation below for drinks in London on Wednesday 28th June. The venue is the home of Julia (née Pilkington) and Oric L’vov-Basirov, Julia attended Knighton House between 1962 and 1966. This will be an opportunity to meet up with other Old Knightonians, bid farewell to Sarah and Alan Wicks and welcome the new head and his wife, Robin and Ali Gainher, who will be starting in September. Please can you email  to let us know if you are able to attend.

As you will have read Sarah Wicks will be retiring in August 2017 following 23 years of fantastic service at Knighton House School. Mrs Wicks joined Knighton in 1995 as Head of Drama and Year 3 form teacher from the Royal Masonic School, she became the Head of English in 2004, Deputy Head in 2005 and Headmistress in September 2014. If you would like to donate to a leaving present please follow this link

There are lots of ways to keep in touch with Knighton – take a look at our website to catch up on life at Knighton House including our recent ISI inspection reports – “Excellent” in all areas. The Knighton Yearbook gives you a flavour of the year at school and we also have Facebook and Twitter pages, links to these are at the bottom of this email.

We are planning to put together an Old Knightonian newsletter, please can you email with your news.

There is now a range of Knighton House clothing and accessories available from the website . Do take a look – they are made by a parent and are very popular with the girls!

Finally it would fantastic if you could keep us up to date with any changes to your communication details by emailing:
Best wishes,

The Old Knightonians

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Old Knightonians of KHS_invite_2017_v1 (2)

Knighton House Jubilee Celebrations

Knighton House Jubilee Celebrations took place at the school on Saturday 19th September 2015.

September 2015 is a very special month for Knighton House School in Dorset as it celebrates 65 years. Last weekend the school welcomed back over 200 former pupils; girls had travelled from all around the world to be part of the day. All ages were represented with an Old Knightonian who was at the school in its first term to girls who left recently. As well as former pupils there were former Heads, members of staff and the founder’s son, Christopher Booker, who gave a wonderful talk.

After a service at a packed Durweston Church everyone enjoyed the wonderful September weather; picnics were enjoyed in the beautiful grounds, there were tours of the school and girls chatted, reconnected and reminisced over traditional Knighton House flapjacks and chocolate cracknel. Current pupils performed some wonderful ballet, played hockey matches on the all-weather pitch and the hilarious annual Knighton House pet show kept many entertained.

One Old Knightonian commented “It was such a memorable day and there was that uniquely joyful atmosphere that Knighton always seems to provide. It was great to be back in a school I loved and where I have so many fantastic memories and lifelong friends from”.


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