Why choose Knighton?

“It’s a place where my daughter can enjoy her childhood without sacrificing a first class education and where she can get a first class education without sacrificing her childhood” A parent.

Having just returned from exhibiting at the Boarding Schools Fair for services families at Shrivenham on Tuesday and being reviewed for Muddy Stillettos this week (muddystilettos.co.uk),  my mind has been firmly on ‘selling Knighton’ to prospective parents. How do we sell our schools to families so we get the balance just right between a hard and soft sell? After all, every school is saying similar things to prospective parents about the wonderful qualities of their school. And rightly so because we are all doing some brilliant things for the children in our care.

Some key questions spring to mind: How we separate ourselves from what all the other schools are saying? What are Knighton’s points of difference? What makes us ‘stand out from the crowd’; why should parents send their child to us rather than a competitor school?

Understanding what’s important to one family isn’t necessarily that important to another is also a key factor to consider. Establishing what the child has a passion for before visiting gives us an excuse to make sure we cover this on the day they visit. Of course we do, it’s not rocket science. Tailoring a visit requires a strategy to ensure they walk away afterwards with Knighton ticking all the boxes.

So, what are our ‘points of difference’? How do we tick all the boxes?

Knighton is a girls only prep school (there are only four independent girls only prep schools in the country) which gives us a unique position in the market. If you want a girls only education for your daughter, come and see what we have to offer.

Excellent in an all categories in the 2017 ISI Report. Excellence across the board in an ISI Inspection Report is not to be underestimated nor undervalued. It gives us a stamp which says we are excellent. Read the report here: http://knightonhouse.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Knighton-House-EQI-Final-21-04-17.pdf

We do boarding brilliantly well; weekends are full and vibrant; boarding facilities are second to none; and we find it’s the girls who want to board much against their parents’ wishes! We even have weekend only boarders; how fantastic is that! “Full-boarding ethos is highly valued by us as boarders stay in at weekends.” A Parent.

Excellent pastoral care – we care deeply about each and every child at Knighton. Being a relatively small school we know every girl, their strengths, weaknesses and their needs. It’s inexcusable not to. “Every member of staff genuinely know each girl as an individual.” A parent.

Small class sizes – think how much attention a child in a class of say 12 gets as opposed to one twice the size or even bigger.

Ambition – we are ambitious for our girls. We want them to achieve and to aim high; there’s nothing wrong with this in my view.

The iconic red dungarees of course.

We have an excellent academic record for feeding girls into top senior schools and for gaining scholarships. “Gets balance right between supportive tuition and independent learning – like the fact children are challenged and encouraged to stretch themselves and their abilities.” A parent.

Ponies and pets – Knighton is an official Pony Club Centre. Knighton has stables for up to 20 ponies; an arena and around 30 acres of fields including a cross-country course for the ponies set in the idyllic Dorset country-side. Dogs. Honestly! Almost every teacher and classroom has a resident dog. They are a brilliant ‘normalising’ presence for children. “The ponies and pets are also a unique attraction and create an environment that adds to the freedom and individuality – where else would girls enjoy the company of dogs in every classroom and ponies to pet at break time, it makes for a very relaxed, but responsible community.” A parent.

I started this blog to try and convey what a special place Knighton is. As I started to write more and more thoughts sprung to mind which I wanted to include. A final thought……..

Girls graduate from Knighton with deep reserves of confidence — which they will draw on in their senior schools, universities and in the working world. Wherever in the world they go and however far their ambitions take them, Knighton Girls know they can try anything and succeed in whatever they put their minds to.