Learning support
Learning support is available to all pupils at Knighton.  We liaise with subject teachers to provide regular, proactive group support; some pupils just need a little extra time to embed their learning or practise certain skills, some pupils enjoy having an opportunity to extend their skills further. Targeted group work, directed by subject teachers, can be invaluable in boosting pupils’ self-confidence.

  Where pupils have specific learning difficulties or require ‘booster’ sessions for whatever reason, 1:1 support is available and is arranged through the subject teachers.  Mrs Geliot and Mrs Mortimer regularly work with pupils to identify and overcome difficulties in maths, English and science but can also help in other subjects. 

 The Learning Support department works to ease the transition of pupils through Knighton and on to senior schools.  We provide social and emotional support to pupils of all ages and ensure that specific needs are suitably supported through the school.  We liaise with senior schools to organise ‘access arrangements’ when a pupil’s needs meet specific criteria and we know that they will perform better if modifications are made to the exam conditions.  We can also organise pre-testing with the Learning Support department of a pupil’s preferred senior school where appropriate.