Understanding and speaking foreign languages is a wonderful skill for life. At Knighton we begin French in Year 2 of the Pre-prep, with the course based on oral work and pronunciation.

In the Prep, skills of listening and speaking are further developed as reading and writing are introduced. As girls move up through the school there is an increasing emphasis on grammar and vocabulary.

We speak French in every lesson and run conversation sessions with native speakers too (French pupils add to the richness of the experience). We regularly take A2 and A1 (Years 6 and 7) to stay at a Chateau near Amiens — a great opportunity to experience France and practise speaking in shops and markets.

B2 (Year 4) takes a twelve-month course in the German language and its culture. In A1 (year 7) some girls take Spanish alongside French — a natural fit for Knighton because we usually have a small group of Spanish pupils. Latin, with all it brings to the understanding of grammar, history and culture begins in Year 6.