History at Knighton House comes alive through drama, music, art and literature. From an early age, pupils are encouraged to examine and think critically about historical evidence. Re-enactment and creative writing help build empathy with people from the past. Metal detection in the Greenwood cast light on the history of this house, while an archaeological dig in Knighton’s paddock unearthed a bronze age pin.

The geography department is busy and vibrant. We teach children about the natural and human world, developing a knowledge of places and environments and an understanding of maps. Geography and science combine well for field trips to centres of sustainable development, Dorset’s Jurassic Coast, wetlands and other areas of geographical interest.

There is a religious studies dimension to most areas of the curriculum. Trips, art, music and drama all help stimulate discussion around moral and topical issues. There is a Christian emphasis in the teaching but other faiths are also studied, allowing children to develop their own opinions about the major belief systems.