Head’s welcome
Children are precious gifts and childhood is to be treasured. In this most special time of their lives, children flourish here at Knighton in an atmosphere of security, encouragement, space and freedom.

The traditions of scholarship, responsibility and sensitivity established by our founders, John and Peggy Booker, remain at the heart of the school’s ethos today, as we strive to nurture natural talents and build confidence with which to face life’s challenges.

In an increasingly digitised and sanitised world, we believe in the power of real, hands-on experience. What better way to experience gravity than to roll down the sloping lawns; to learn about plants by watching blossom become fruit in our orchard; to explore floodplains by seeing the rise and fall of the River Stour through the changing seasons?

Our iconic uniform of red dungarees is a daily reminder of the school’s heritage and symbolises everything we would like Knighton children to be … vibrant, practical, resilient, standing out from the crowd and ready for the adventure of life.

The school is set in glorious Dorset countryside. Please do come and experience for yourself the energy, creativity and simple joie de vivre that this wonderful environment inspires. There will be a warm welcome waiting for you — from all the Knighton House family.



Sarah Wicks