I look back at the past eleven weeks and simply wonder how the children fit it all in and do it so well!  When I started to think about writing this close to the end of the Spring term, I thought about some of the amazing feedback we have received recently from parents, the children and reviewers.  Like all good businesses, the Governors, the SLT and I are always looking to see what success looks like and how we plan for the future.  What is the product we provide, what is the experience at Knighton like and how do we add value? In today’s competitive climate, there is not a moments rest.

And we are not resting!

We’ve undertaken a thorough academic audit to gauge where we are and where we’d like to be to ensure the educational experience at Knighton is an even more enriching and enlightened one. Watch this space for a major announcement with regards to introducing a new curriculum at Knighton very soon.

A new website is due to be launched in May.

If you click on the hyperlink you’ll see our new branding soon to be unveiled on signage around school and on various printed material. We hope you agree we have a simple but classic and modern look to reflect Knighton in 2018.


Refurbishment is ongoing of facilities in the junior boarding house ready for completion in September 2018. Plans for refurbishment of some classrooms will take place next year.
In June a number of girls from Years 7 and 8 will take part in our first International exchange programme with a school in Spain. In July we have our first Summer School for international and UK based children.
Next term will see us extending our approach to sport to include additional coaching and new elements such as cricket. Whilst change and progression take place, what always remains true is what makes Knighton which is summed up brilliantly by our parents:

“It’s a place where my daughter can enjoy her childhood without sacrificing a 1st class education and where she can get a 1st class education without sacrificing her childhood”.

“Simply I think Knighton quietly does things well, very well.  Don’t underestimate it”.