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Monday 16th April –  Thursday 5th  July

(Boarders return          Sunday 15th April)

Term begins               Monday 16th April

Exeat                           Friday 4th May (16.45) – Monday 7th May (18.30)

Half term                    Friday 25th May (16.45) – Sunday 3rd June (18.30)

Exeat                           Friday 22nd June (16.45) – Sunday 24th June (18.30)

End of term                 Thursday 5th  July



Thursday 6th September – Friday 14th December

(Boarders return          Wednesday 5th September)

Term begins                Thursday 6th September

Exeat                           Friday 28th September (16.00)  – Sunday 30th November (18.30)


Half term                       Friday 19th October (16.00) – Wednesday 31st October (18.30)

Exeat                             Friday 23rd November (16.00) – Sunday 25th  November (18.30)

End of term                 Friday 14th  December



Wednesday 9th January – Friday 29th March

(Boarders return          Tuesday 8th January)

Term begins               Wednesday 9th January

Exeat                           Friday 25th January (16.00) – Sunday 27th January (18.30)

Half term                    Friday 15th February (16.00) – Sunday 24th February (18.30)

Exeat                           Friday 15th March (16.00) – Sunday 17th March (18.30)

End of term                Friday 29th March



Wednesday 24th April –  Thursday 4th  July

(Boarders return          Tuesday 23rd April)

Term begins               Wednesday 24th April

Exeat                           Friday 10th May (16.00) – Sunday 12th May (18.30)

Half term                    Friday 24th May (16.00) – Sunday 2nd June (18.30)

Exeat                           Friday 21st June (16.00) – Sunday 23rd June (18.30)

End of term                 Thursday 4th  July

Additional Information:

On Wednesday afternoons, teaching ends at 4.30pm. Children may choose a Personal Enrichment Programme (PEP) from those on offer between 4.30 and 5.30pm, or they may be collected from school at 4.30pm.

Exeats begin at 4.45pm. There will be a Music Assembly at 4.30pm every exeat Friday.

Boarders are expected back in school at 6.30pm on the Sunday.

All parents, friends and families are invited to attend Saturday services at 11.50am and also to watch home games, joining us for tea afterwards.

Click here to view our summer term calendar Knighton House Calendar Summer18