Boarding at Knighton is fun — and in demand: parents of day girls often find themselves badgered to let their daughters board. Small, cosy dorms (girls decorate their own dorms) and a generous staff-to-girls ratio helps create a friendly, family atmosphere. Girls learn how to live together and develop confidence and self reliance within a very secure environment.

We offer full, weekly and flexi-boarding. Boarders come from across the United Kingdom, as well as internationally. We also welcome expatriate and services and international students. Subject to space and with advanced warning, we can also offer occasional boarding. The Head of boarding, responsible for the well being of the boarders throughout the school, lives in the main house with all the girls.

Those in Alpha (Year 8) move to ‘The Alpha Flat’, where they enjoy the privilege of their own living space, increased independence, a common room and kitchen. The extra freedom of Alpha is a great transitional step to senior schools.

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