The boarders blog is written by the boarders to give you a taste of what fun they got up to at the weekend.

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Easter Egg-citement – 18th / 19th March

After lunch on Saturday the Under 10 and 11 netball teams went to Sherborne for matches, which was fun. After we got back from the match we had free time and then it was the Easter Egg hunt. We were in teams and had to din eggs with clues in them to help us find the next egg. We had to take pictures at each place where we found an egg. Then we had supper and tuck and a move – we watched High School Musical.

On Sunday morning we had breakfast in our pyjamas and got ready for our day our at Milton Abbey. We decorated cupcakes and biscuits, visited the school farm where we saw lambs, watched a bit of the play rehearsal  and printed with flowers in the art room.

Lucy and Bibi – A2


After a successful Spring Concert we had a yummy lunch then free time. After that is was the Easter Egg Hunt. We were split into 4 teams and set off with a clue to find the next egg. During the hunt we also had to look out for a special golden egg, one for each Team. After supper we shared out the eggs we had found for tuck to eat whilst watching the movie. On Sunday we woke up and had breakfast and then went on the school bus Milton Abbey. We went into the art room and did some printing in inks for mothers day. It was very fun and we were all very messy at the end. We then went for a yummy brunch in the dining room – it was a full English Breakfast. After that we went as a group to the Milton Abbey Farm, where we did a quiz about the farm animals and went around and saw them all. There were chickens, pheasants, sheep, goats, horses and lambs. We then split up into 2 groups and did cupcake decorating and watching the school play rehearsal. After we had chocolate cake we went back to school and did our letter writing and watched a movie.

Louisa and Arabella – Alpha

Out and About – 11th / 12th March

This weekend was great fun, firstly on Saturday we had the Talking Books Charity Walk. Some people did the short walk so they could take part in the Handy Pony Competition. The other walk was 6 miles!

At the Handy Pony there were three classes. I was in class 3 on Jack and I think it went well but Jack did not really like the post box bit. On Sunday we had a PJ morning and an English Breakfast. Then we went outside to play. We then had a bit of free time, then we went in to the art room and had a really fun time where we painted pebbles, made mothers day cards and made wind charms – they all looked really good and I cant wait to show my parents!

Katie S – A1

 This weekends theme was ‘Out & About’. We started the weekend by doing a 6 mile walk – we saw red kite up close and three deer. Ellie D – B2


Splashdown – 25th / 26th February

This weekend was very exciting because on Saturday we met the Beagles. They were very loud and jumped up. It was very nice to see them again , the last time they came to school was two years ago.

In the afternoon we made origami boats and coloured foam pictures which were quite messy!

On Sunday we had breakfast in our PJs then we went to Splashdown, which was the highlight of the weekend.  At Splashdown we all knew what our favourite ride was….. MISSISSIPPI DRIFTER. The Mississippi Drifter is a ride where you sit in a ring and go down different slopes and turns. Some of us loved it so much we went on it continuously!

After lunch the A1s had a show jumping competition, on pretend ponies, which everybody loved.

By Katie, Scarlet and Edie A1

Make your own fun – 4th / 5th February

After netball we changed in to our home clothes, had supper and then movie night. On Sunday it was special because we could make our own activities ‘making our own fun’. The Bs did a swap shop and we used our own tuck to pay for things – it was really fun.  Blanca A1


This weekend was the best weekend that I ever had! We had to plan our own activities! I was with Georgie and Ellie and we choose to do decoupage. Mrs Mortimer gave us so much stuff to do it with! Decoupage is when you cut pictures and you stick them on some thing like bottles, boxes and so on.  On Sunday, we set up a decoupage shop where people could trade things – it was great.  Alienor B1 

Chinese Weekend – 28th / 29th January

Last weekend was special because the theme was Chinese weekend to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

We learnt about another culture, traditions, foods and drawings by Chinese people – it was interesting and fun!

On Saturday it was Buzz and Louisa’s birthday. In the morning we went on the 5K park run in Blandford, then we had some classes and after we went to church and sang as part of the choir.

In the afternoon, after the matches, the A2s went out for Eliza’s birthday party. The rest of the boarders went with Miss D to the art room where we made a dragon kite. Alphas made a 3D dragons face out of plastic plates whilst the others decorated lots of things different colours. 

On Sunday we had breakfast in our pyjamas and then had a couple of hours free time.  Lili and her family, who are Chinese, came and showed us how to make Chinese dumplings and other foods – it was great fun.


Mysteries & Magic – 14th / 15th January

The theme was Mysteries and Magic – we were given a bag of magnifying glasses and invisible ink pens with UV lights on the end, we had folders with some suspect’s information inside and then we were told to solve a mystery! There were fingerprints and footprints in the JB Hall, there were secret codes and hidden clues. We solved the mystery  with our great detective work – it was one of the Gaps! In the evening we had tuck and a movie.

On Sunday we learnt to do magic and had a magic competition.

I loved it!


Knighton on Ice – 7th / 8th January

We started off this weekend on Saturday by making ice and fruit sun catchers. We collected berries and such from around the grounds, then arranged what we had foraged in to a bowl, poured water over them to freeze them into shape.

On Sunday we went ice skating in Bournemouth. It was such fun playing and having lots of fun on the ice. We also had hot chocolate. We returned to school for letter writing.

It was such a fun weekend.

Olivia  and Louisa

Jingle all the Way – 3rd / 4th December

The Christmas weekend is always a weekend I look forward to and this year we went to the beach, armed with hot chocolate and winter coats!

We were all freezing but had a great time thanks to the gaps, Mrs Spencer and Mrs Hughes.  On Sunday, we had free time up until lunch when the B’s did a spa.  After lunch, we did Christmas crafts, there were so many fun crafts to do!

Happy Christmas

Katie Southward A1



Make & Bake  – 12th / 13th November

‘Dear future Knightons and parents – This weekend was so fun and full of excitement. We made apple cake which was delish, full of fabulous taste up to the brim. The next day we made earrings and other jewellery. There were lots of boarders in this weekend. I loved it and I recommend you all come to Knighton’. by Georgie Southwood, Year 5

‘The best activity we did this weekend was making earrings and pendants out of Fimo clay. We learnt to make loads of cool patterns. I loved having loads of boarders in this weekend. We also made apple cake and they were really delicious’. by Ellie Davies, Year 4



Flash, bang, wallop!  – 5th / 6th November


On Sunday we went for breakfast and then during free time I went to the stables.

We had great fun making origami fireworks. Afterwards we made ‘paint paper bomb splashes’ which went really well. We put leaves and branches on big sheets so the paint left pretty patterns on the sheets.

After lunch we did ‘light photography’ which was really great – it was amazing to see the lights glow in the dark.

Blanca Gonzalez Menendez Year 7


Italian Weekend – 15th / 16th October

The Italian weekend was so much fun! We started with going into our dorms and I was with Edie, Anna and Delphi. We were in the dorm called Marie Curie. The weekend kicked off with a football match and Mr Wicks was the referee alongside Mrs Wicks and Mrs Spencer. It was a competitive match with a final score of 3-1! Afterwards we went into the dining room and we made our own pizzas, it was really creative; I put chorizo and sweetcorn on mine. Then we had free time and after that we came to have dinner and everyone got their pizzas, they were really nice! Afterwards we had a movie night and tuck and we went to bed around 9pm. We woke up at around 8am and ate a really delicious full English breakfast! Then from 9-11am we all got ready for the fashion shoot and we were all doing our hair and getting our outfits ready. There were some funky outfits and we all did lots of different poses! After the fashion shoot we had lunch and it was chicken risotto! We then went outside and made the Leaning Tower of Pisa out of sticks and newspaper and leaves. It was a real challenge and we had 30 minutes to make it! After that we went with Miss D and Miss Wisdom to learn how to make origami dresses I loved doing it! Overall, it was an amazing weekend and I loved it, it was so much fun    :) Thea – 11  

The A1 Italian weekend was possibly one of the best weekends I have boarded at Knighton House School.  The weekend was full of fun and excitement though I don’t think our Matron, Miss D, slept much!! All of the activities were really fun; I liked the fashion shoot and it was really fun having football lessons from a professional, Mr Wicks.  I enjoyed being with all of my friends and having such a good time. Although we had lots of activities to do we also had plenty of free time to play and chill. Boarding the Italian weekend was really fun and I seriously recommend boarding. Ottilie – 11  

Animal Magic – 8th / 9th October

Saturday was the Knighton House pet show which was great fun. Today, Sunday, we went to ‘Monkey World’. We had so much fun watching the marmosets and orang-utans. At lunchtime the little chickens in the park wouldn’t leave us alone! The adventure park was really fun and we were sad to leave it because it was such fun. On the way out we went to the gift shop and I bought a little monkey teddy which is so cute and reminds me of our fun day. Blanca – A1  This weekend for sooo x 1000 fun because we went to monkey world. We had a picnic there and I ate loads of breadsticks. After we had some free time and watched a film. It was great fun. Katie S  – A1

Weekend in the country – 1st / 2nd October

On Saturday we went to watch the riding after a lunch of yummy lasagne. All the riders did really well at the One Day Event. After watching the riding  we went up to the JB Hall and played sitting volleyball which was really fun; Miss Wisdom taught us how to move, dig and volley over a low net. Then we went upstairs and had free time and ate supper. On Sunday we had breakfast in our PJs. After getting changed we went on a scavenger hunt where we searched for lots of items. Then after lunch we made food for the birds, orange juice and delicious crepes thanks to Mrs Wicks and Miss D. Scarlet AH A1 On Saturday it was Open Day – we ran a French café and took part in some other activities. In the evening we watched a movie. The next day we did a treasure hunt which was great – team 1 won. Afterwards we made our own bird feeders and then had pancakes. It was all so fun! Jemima A2  

The Great Outdoors – 17 / 18 September 

This weekend we did hockey practice which was great fun. Afterwards we got changed into our home clothes and went for a lovely walk to the sweet shop and bought yummy sweets. In the evening we had a barbeque and roasted marshmallows. The next day we went on a long walk to the bouncy tree.   Written by Georgie B1 and Bibi A2    

Wet n Wild weekend 

‘The last weekend has been the best weekend ever and we really enjoyed it.  The water slide was the best bit when we all jumped down and lots of fun.  Then we went into the whirl pool and got very wet! It was the last weekend and Miss Mills and Miss Elcock got into the whirl pool with their shorts and t-shirts!’ Written by Delphi Donald, Olivia Tolmie-Thomson and Claudia Perez de Camino all A2’s.    

Camping weekend 

On Saturday 18th to 19th June it was the A1 Camping Weekend.  After lunch we set up out tents.  It only took us 45 minutes, which to Mr Wicks was very surprising!  When we finished everyone went down to the summer fete, where Knighton had its own stall.  Everyone enjoyed the fete and had a great time.  After that we played 40 40 and Manhunt.  For supper we had an amazing BBQ which was delicious!! The A1’s then had  s’mores and told confessions, which were very funny.  On Sunday we packed away the tents and played rounders. This was an amazing weekend and I can’t wait for the ‘Wet and Wild’ weekend!!     Written by Ruby Perry and Daisy Pentreath A1’s, and Georgie Southwood B2  and Lottie Roddis B1.  

Cluedo weekend 11th / 12th June 

After Church on Saturday, we played the game, Cluedo.  That was very fun! On Sunday morning we went for a walk to Milton Abbey, which was very nice.  We had to resolve a criminal case.  Everyone enjoyed it! When we came back, we played a game called bench ball.  Then, we went to the pool.  It was cold, but everyone loved it!  That was a super weekend!  Written by Bertille and Hortense Grillier A1’s  and Alice Pigelet A2.

Safari weekend 21st / 22nd May 

This weekend was the safari weekend. We went to Longleat and got to see and feed lots of amazing animals.  During the first half of the day, we drove through the monkey enclosure and through the big cats and the wolf enclosures too.  We saw another car get pulled apart by a monkey, oh dear!  After lunch, we went on a boat tour around the half mile lake.  There we saw hippos, sealions and some gorillas as well.  After that, we got to feed the rainbow lorrikeets.  They landed on our arms and ate the nectar from the small pots. It was a lovely day and we got to see lots more animals, some with their babies.   Emily Hanel/ Flossy Whittow Alpha    


Nature weekend 14th / 15th May 

After watching a rounders match against Hanford we started to make our Bug Hotel.  We all enjoyed making  them, and we made swimming pools and obstacle courses as well. Then  we went to the library and have our delicious tuck. After supper we got into  our pj’s and went to watch a movie, called The Princess Diaries in the cinema. The next day we had a long walk to Hod Hill and the view was beautiful. We walked for miles , took a picnic and flew kites at the top. When we got back we had a teddy bears picnic – with extra tuck for us! In the evening we went into Mrs Wick’s study for a story – Mr Wicks had decorated it with fairy lights and it looked amazing. Written by Lucy Davies and Jan Butcher who are both B1’s.    

bug hotel
flying kites on hod hill
teddy bears picnic

May Day Weekend 30 April / 1st May

On Saturday the A’s did interhouse netball with the B’s watching and cheering us on. The results were: BROADLEY 1ST OKEFORD 2ND WARREN 3RD AND NORTON 4TH. After interhouse netball we all played in the adventure playground and enjoyed the sun whilst it lasted. At around four o’clock we went inside to have tuck, skype and free time. After all that we had supper watched a movie and made the dens. On Sunday we woke up and did some maypole dancing, which was really fun and we learnt how to do Barber’s pole, Spiders web and Single plait followed by free time and having a massive clean out of both of the pet sheds. After lunch we made hands and coloured them in to stick them on the tree on the photo board and after that we either played in the adventure and did shoe flicking or we had free time followed by letter writing. After letter writing we had more free time and skype followed by roast of the day for supper.   Written by Buzz Borneman A1W    


Easter Egg-citement  Weekend 19/20 March

This weekend was our Easter themed weekend. We had an Easter egg hunt and had to look all over the school for the eggs that Miss Mills had hidden.  At the end we all got chocolate eggs.  We also made Easter biscuits and decorated our own eggs.  First we had to take all of the egg out of the shell, we did this by using a pin to put a hole in each end then we had to blow in one end so that that the egg came out the other hole.  This was really hard but very fun!   Written by B1  

Splashdown Weekend 27/28 February

 This weekend was amazing, it was Splashdown weekend and we went to Splashdown and we had the best time.  We went on epic slides and splashed in the water.  When Miss Henderson came down it was such as big splash, she splashed everyone all over. Miss Elcock goes down the slides first so she can help people when they come down.  When we came back we drew pictures of some of the slides we had been on.  Last of all we got to do letter writing and write to our friends and family we really miss.  


Video Star weekend – 6/7 February

This weekend our theme was Video Star. On Saturday we took obscure photos around the main house for different orienteering activities. The photos were supposed to be unexpected and taken from different angles. We also practiced doing some videos ready for Sunday. On Sunday we had breakfast in our pyjamas, even the gaps did too!! Then we got dressed and took more orienteering photos of the outside of KH, just like on Saturday there were some really difficult pictures to guess and they were all awesome.  After that we had some free time and then lasagna for lunch… mmm. Finaly we did our video star movies, these were in groups of three or four based around different KH stories. We then had more free time and letter writing after that. It was such an interesting, fantastic and fun filled weekend.    By Jemima B1 and Isabela A1  

Spanish weekend-  30/31 January

 First we danced some Flamenco, which is a typical Spanish dance. Our teacher for the afternoon was an A2 student from Spain called Claudia, she was amazing. We also learnt a Spanish song called “Voy a reir” we really enjoyed hearing and singing a song from our country. At lunch time we had paella, it was really delicious, everyone enjoyed it. To finish our weekend we did some light painting. It is a photo where you paint with a torch instead of a brush. It was really fun.   By Christina and Henar, A1

P1050169 cropped

Knighton on Ice –  16/17 January

 The weekend was based around ice themed activities. On Saturday we had ice statue competitions which was hard as the ice kept slipping as it was melting! We also picked up ice using only string and salt and Mrs Wicks was really good!! We then went on to have ice races along the tables in the art room to see who could blow an ice cube the fastest across the table using a straw, we all laughed a lot. Afterwards we tried to take pictures of each other smashing ice but was hard as it happend so fast. The Alphas got a chance to take photos with Mr Wicks based around water and ice using a fast shutter speed, they all looked really good. On Sunday we then went to the BIC to go ice skating, this was so much fun, even though it was tricky we all had a laugh an most of us all fell over once. Lottie from B1 said “even though it was icy and you thought it would be cold it was actually really hot!”  It was a really fun weekend.    By Connie and Eliza, B1

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Roald Dahl Weekend – 9/10 January

This weekend was a Roald Dahl themed weekend, it was really fun! We acted out bits from books by Roald Dahl, but made them our own.  After that we made our own dorm signs, doors signs and bed posters.  We went on a very fun, exciting, long and rainy walk and all got wet, but no one cared.  We also did letter writing, skype and music practice– while drinking hot chocolate! By Connie and Bibi


Weekend Blog: 5th & 6th December 2015 – ‘Tis the Season

This weekend was Tis the Season and has been so fun! On Saturday we went for a walk and played Forty Forty in Bryanston wood, we also went to the very bouncy tree and found another bouncy tree nearby. I loved hunt the Rudolph! We also had a Christmas quiz and Me and Katie won a group prize with our team Tiny Ted! On Sunday afternoon we made a giant paper chain for our dorm and some people finished their costumes for the Christmas party. The weekend was brill and I want to do it again. Ottie A2

KH in stones

Weekend Blog: 28th & 29th November 2015 – Christmas Decorating

This weekend was Christmas decorating and it was really fun. We got to make posters and lots of massive paper chains. Also we decorated the Christmas tree with tinsel, baubles and lights. It looked marvellous. Merry Christmas! Katie A2   This weekend was Christmas decorating. It was one of the best weekends ever. I really enjoyed it. We decorated the Christmas trees and made paper Christmas chains to decorate the corridors with and it was the Christmas Fair. Bibi B1   I love this weekend because we did Christmas decorating. We decorated the Christmas tree, I liked doing the Christmas tree. Olivia Walker B2

Weekend Blog: 14th & 15th November 2015 – Christmas Shopping in Salisbury

This weekend we have done lots of things. Friday night we had our Fireworks night with a huge bonfire and amazing fireworks in front of the school. On Saturday afternoon we watched the A & B team hockey matches. The A team lost and the B team drew against Hanford. Then we decorated ginger biscuits and made wish stars and watched a film in the Alpha flat. Today we went to Salisbury to do Christmas shopping. We had lunch out, did some and shopping and we came back to school.

Weekend Blog: 7th & 8th November 2015 – A1 Invitation Weekend: Masterchef

This weekend has been really fun as we got to do lots of cooking and I learned how to make scrambled eggs and scones. The quiz was really fun. It was based on foody facts. I look forward to next weekend Christmas shopping. Katie Southwood A2


Weekend Blog: 10th & 11th October 2015 – Jurassic weekend

After church we had lunch and then game sin the J.B. We played badminton and then a bit of bench ball – it was sooo much fun. Once we were all worn out we went back to the library to get tuck. We had a bit of free time before meeting up in the art room to make our own fossils! All we had to do was mix flour, salt and water together to make some sort of clay/playdough. We then moulded it to make fossil shapes and put it in the oven to bake. Then we had skype and free time before supper, after that we all sat in the boarder sitting room and watched Daddy Day Care which was really funny. On Sunday we went to Seatown to the beach to go fossil hunting, everyone found loads, particularly ammonites and shells. Next we had a picnic lunch on the beach before going up a hill to have a look at the view – it was amazing, from there we could see Golden Cap. We then headed back to the beach to look for more fossils and play in the stream running down the beach to the sea. We then returned to school, tired but pleased with our treasures. By Louisa and Cris A1


Weekend Blog: September 19th and 20th 2015

This weekend it was our school’s 65th anniversary. On Saturday morning we had a church service where many Old Knightonians came. The address was by Christopher Booker – the son of the founders of Knighton House. After our church service we had ballet and modern performances by all the Knighton dance classes and Mrs Wicks gave a short speech to welcome everyone to the celebrations. The afternoon was filled with picnics in the sunshine, tours of the school and a Knighton House pet show where we had dogs, goats, guinea pigs, chickens, rabbits and even stick insects. We also had a Knighton House vs Bryanston hockey match in which Knighton played amazingly and won! On Sunday we made and painted our own signs and went to the Durweston fair and had a stall to “find the buried treasure” for 20p a go. We also got to have a walk around and look at all the cool stalls and we even spent a bit of money on little treasures and sweets. We all had lots of fun this weekend and it was greatly enjoyed by all. By Zara and Flossy (Alpha)


A1 Camping weekend

For the A1 camping weekend we started on Saturday afternoon after matches (which all teams won!), by setting up our tents, which was a lot harder than we first thought and involve a lot of team work! We ate supper outside on the front lawn and then went inside to do some art work to decorate our doors in the Alpha flat. When it was dark enough we set up the campfire. We all found a ‘marshmallow roasting stick’ and began making our many s’mores! The atmosphere around the campfire was really memorable, as we sang songs and told secrets. We then played man hunt, Miss Mills and Miss Harrison hid and we had to go and find them, by this time is was extremely dark! Our reward for finding them was pouring 2 buckets of water over Miss Mills and Miss Harrison. Then, we went to our tents and talked until we fell asleep. Many of us woke up quite early, but when everybody was up we took down our tents. Which was easy until we were faced with the task of fitting the tents back into their bags! We had breakfast and then made bracelets and raced the go-karts down the front lawn, then we participated in an obstacle course and now some of us our in the whirlpool, which is very cold, but fun!

B’s weekend – Mission Impossible

We were all very excited for the weekend and were a bit hyper! After we finished lunch we went down to watch the Alpha rounders match. The first challenge was bridge making, we had a competition to see which bridge was the strongest and could hold the most cups. We had only newspaper, paper and 120 straws. We had to make a bridge over a plastic container full of water. Bridge number 1 won, it could hold 5 cups. In the afternoon we had lots of fun playing bench games on the front lawn, we also got to have our tuck out there as well. After supper we got into our pyjamas and watched Paddington. On Sunday we did a spider’s web challenge called defeat the web, it was amazing; a web was woven down the boarding house corridor, like spies we had to crawl through the web without touching the strings. The further down the corridor the harder it got. At one stage we had a ball and a place and we had to climb through the web without dropping the ball or touching the string. Afterwards we completed a mission outside; we had to cross a string web holding a plate with a ball on top which made it trickier. The weekend was very fun! Written by B1, 2 & 3


Mary Poppins weekend blog

This weekend it was a Mary Poppins theme. On Saturday we started by making kites, we tried to fly them and mine had to get fixed a lot! On Saturday evening we all headed down to the cinema to watch the movie Mary Poppins. On Sunday morning we decorated biscuits with Mary Poppins themed designs, and then we were able to eat them. Then we walked to the sheep dip and tried to fly our kites, some of the kites liked doing loop the loops. After lunch we headed out onto the front lawn and played a very competitive game of rounders. Mr Wicks also helped some of us improve our kites and they then flew so well. It was a very fun weekend. Tarka


All the fun of the fair weekend blog

This weekend was themed ‘fun of the fair’.  On Saturday we started by playing some different fair games, such as skittles, lucky dip and guess the square.  We had loads of fun and the winners of each game won a prize, after that we played rounders and then watched a movie. On Sunday we went to Paultons Park, it was great fun and we all had an amazing time!  My favourite ride was the cobra because it was the fastest.  We went on all the rides and then had a picnic, after lunch we went on a few more rides.  As we were leaving we went to the gift shop and most of us bought something to remember the day.  We then walked back to the buses and headed back to school.  It was so fun! Zara A1


Stars and Stripes Weekend Blog

On Saturday we had our annual spring concert and a variety of music was played from orchestra pieces to solos and ensembles. Afterward the boarders had lunch and then went to make string eggs: we soaked bits of string in glue and then wrapped them round the balloons and left them over night to dry. Once we had finished that activity we had tuck and went out for half an hour to play a friendly game of football. We than had free times and the B’s made a spa in their dorms which was VERY popular! For supper we had an American supper with burgers and fried potatoes followed by an Easter cake made by Mrs Southwood – it was delicious! After supper we were told there was going to be a surprise, so we wandered out to the Orchard and found Mr Wicks had made a camp fire which we sat round and toasted marshmallows. We ended singing some lovely campfire songs with the help of Mrs Wicks and Miss Fowler-Watt. On Sunday the Alphas has breakfast in the flat, after that everyone went to the dining room to get ready for the Easter Egg Hunt. There were eggs hidden all over the school, Buzz won the hunt with 17 eggs and she won a big chocolate bunny, but everyone else got chocolate eggs. Next we made a totem pole; we separated into groups and made a section with an animal drawn on it. Then we had a super lunch, it was BBQ ribs and a buffet. On Sunday afternoon Miss Mills taught us how to play baseball which was fantastic and everyone quickly got the hang of it and scored many home-runs. Some people then went off to help Mr Wicks clean out the goats and chickens and play with them. This weekend was FANTASTIC!! J Lucy and Paula, ALPHA


A1 Pop Video Weekend

On the 7th and 8th March it was A1 invitation pop video weekend. Usually we don’t stay in weekends but this sounded fun and exciting. We started filming on Saturday by dancing on the front lawn even the chickens joined in! Later in the evening we explored the costume cupboard and tried on some old fashioned ball gowns and had heaps of fun using our staircase as a slide and dancing to the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrel Williams. On Sunday those in Chapel Choir went to sing at Bryanston Church and those who weren’t stayed and did some more videoing. After lunch A1 put on some exotic hats and videoed more scenes such as jumping on beds and parading down the staircase in style and we found it a fun, exciting and overall great weekend! By Georgia Weston and Angelica Masters


This weekend the boarders weekend in theme was photography held by our resident photography expert Mr Wicks, but to start it all off, on Saturday morning we went beagling.  The beagling committee arrived and we were able to meet all the hounds and stroke and play with them.  When it started, all girls who weren’t in matches followed the hounds around Bryanston and through muddy fields. We lost the beagles after a while because they were so fast, only finding one, Bedlam! after she got separated from the rest of the pack. After supper we had night time light photography in the JB with torches and glow sticks and created lots of amazing photos.  On Sunday we set up props with suitcases, hats and canes and took more photographs. For Sunday afternoon we all went to Kingston Lacy to put our newly learnt techniques to good use in a photo competition. We split into groups and had a great look around to take photos of the snow drops, the buildings and the gardens.  We are now waiting for Mrs Wicks, Miss Potter and Miss Mills to pick the winners. Buzz Borneman A2



This weekend all the A2s had a sleepover and it was really really fun because we did each other’s nails and plaited each other’s hair and we all ate tuck and watched a movie. We all woke up Sunday morning and started un-plaiting our hair and it went all curly and when we brushed it went very frizzy especially Millie’s and Phoebe’s.  Then we went to the art room and designed our own T-shirts. Maeve did an ice-cream, Blanca did a goat, Louisa did a moustache, Ruby did an arty scribble and there were lots more. After that we went to the Bs’ Com and did our hair and make- up then we went and got changed for the fashion show. When we were ready we walked down the catwalk and even Miss Potter, Miss Mills, Miss Nash, Miss Harrison, Mr Wicks and Mrs Wicks had a go! We really enjoyed the weekend and had lots of fun. Written by Maeve Thompson and Millie Wakeham


Winter Olympic Weekend

We started our Olympic weekend by making our team flags in the Art room with team names such as Tenacity, Smileons and No Name. We then went to the JB and played Indoor Curling and Boccia, which got very competitive. On Sunday we got to finish our Curling and Boccia tournaments and found out the results from both competitions were very close, with all teams having successes. We then had an early lunch before getting on the buses to go Ice Skating. Once on the Ice hidden talents were found with many girls speeding around the ice and our new Australian gaps getting their first taste of Skating. After we had hung up our skates we headed for the beach for some fresh air and chance to enjoy the beautiful afternoon. Jemima Drummond

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Chinese Weekend 10th & 11th January 2015

The day started with pancakes for breakfast and carried on with chopsticks, fortune cookies and the making of colourful dragon masks for our Chinese dancing. Miss Mills showed us how to count to ten in Chinese using our fingers. On Sunday after helping with the goats, we did some Chinese dancing to proper Chinese music, we had to do all sorts of gym positions. After lunch we played table tennis, we were split up into teams and all played against each other until we had a winning team. By the end we were all really good especially Annabel Drummond with her deadly serves. Louisa Borneman and Paloma de Toro


Sunday 7th December 2014

On Saturday afternoon we boarders were busy making Christmas cookies to eat for tea later. The Alphas visited The Walled Garden at Pythouse to see the art work which they had produced earlier in the term. When the Alphas came back we ate the cookies, which were delicious. In the evening we watched ‘Frozen’ in preparation for our Christmas party and then we all squashed into Mr and Mrs Wicks’ lounge to watch X-Factor. Most of us like Fleur but Mrs Wicks voted for Ben. On Sunday morning alpha had breakfast inn PJS in the flat. Everyone was getting very excited about the activity planned for the afternoon, but first we had to search Rudolph and his friends around the school grounds which Scarlet won with finding 18 Rudolph’s and Paloma came second with 16 Rudolph’s. After that we had a delicious buffet and then set out to Poole to record 12 songs, which each year had chosen to sing which included Let It Go and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer!! Perfect for this festive time of year! Everyone came back with a CD with all 12 songs to listen to again and again. We then had a supper and settled down in the new Boarders’ Siting Room and watched X-Factor and Strictly; we were all very disappointed that Pixie Lott was voted out and that Idina Menzel didn’t sing ‘Let It Go’ on the X-Factor. By Lucy, Alpha


Sunday 30th November 2014

Fiddler on the Roof Yesterday evening the Year 8s and Year 7s went to Bryanston’s musical: Fiddler on the Roof. The girls had a delicious supper at Bryanston and then went on to watch the emotional musical of a poor milkman and his five daughters. The actors and actresses made a strong connection with the audience making them laugh cheer and cry. The students’ singing and dancing were phenomenal! There were solos, duets and songs in unison. The star role – Tevye – had to put on a Russian accent and kept it all the way through even when he sang. Other great performances were Tevye’s wife, Golde, a powerful woman who cooked and cleaned for the family of seven. Perchik a young student from Kiev who comes to Anatevka and later marries one of Tevye’s daughters (Hodel) .The songs were stuck in everyone’s heads for the rest of the evening. This performance was a 5 star and is definitely worth seeing. By Lucy Southwood, Alpha

Sunday 23rd November 2014

Christmas Decorating On Saturday afternoon Santa arrived in a cart pulled by Elsie the pony. Elsie was dressed up as a cute reindeer, she had antlers and tinsel across her bottom. Later we made bright and colourful Christmas posters and then massively long paper chains especially themed for our Christmas party. The theme is ‘Frozen’. Sunday morning we woke up and had very tasty croissants for breakfast. We went for a walk collecting ivy, holly and some fir tree branches. On the way back we climbed the crab apple trees. We went back to the dining room and put the Christmas music on. Mr Wicks got the ladder out and we hung about 22 strings of paper chains, some tinsel and put up the posters we had made the day before. The As did a great job of decorating the tree in the front hall. We were worried that the angel would fall off the top of the tree, but it’s Monday and she’s still there! By Lucy Davies and Jemima Drummond B2


Sunday 16th November 2014

Last weekend, on Saturday, whilst the Under 12s were playing a match, the boarders set off to play games in Bryanston Woods. When we got there we played a game called 40/40 which is a bit like tag. We also played Sardines which was lots of fun. When we had to go we didn’t want to! Later on in the day, we watched a film which we really enjoyed called ‘Maleficent’. On Sunday we had a short lie-in and then prepared for our day at Salisbury. We set off in the minibuses. When we got there we divided into groups. We went to a lot of shops including Paper Chase, Poundland and Candyland (where we were surprised to see Miss Fowler-Watt!). We also stopped at Burger King for lunch. When we got back we were tired after a long day. By Louisa, Buzz and Blanca


Sunday 9th November 2014

Arts and Crafts Weekend This weekend we went to an arts and crafts workshop. We slipped into four different groups and did many different activities. These included working with clay, card making, using a ‘splodge machine’ which was an old-fashioned mangle, and doing tie-dye. Our favourite activity was doing the clay work because we easily made whatever we wanted to. We were taught by Des how to make three different types of pots. We could make many things using these basic skills. The splodge machine made effective artwork by these few simple steps: first we folded the paper then splodged paint on one side, we then put it through the machine and it came out with a brilliant result. After that we did tie-dye. We used melted wax to write a simple message and then covered the fabric in different coloured dyes, leaving the wax message in white. Then we did card making with many materials. The arts and crafts weekend was really fun and it was brilliant as we could take all our work home. By Zara and Flossy