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Knighton House School Alpha (year 8) end of year trip to Devon

 On Monday 12th June, 21 Alphas set off for Devon with  Mrs Hughes and Miss Turrill and I.  We arrived in Devon at 11.30am to lovely blue skies. We unpacked and went straight into our first activity which was surfing. The waves were fantastic and we spent 3 hours in the water having great fun. After a lovely dinner we were back out to do our evening activity, bridge jumping. This involved standing on a small ledge on Bideford’s main bridge and leaping into the water. 18 girls and Miss Turrill managed the jump even with the jellyfish in the water, which was a great effort.

After a good night’s sleep we were up and ready for the next day’s activity which was a full day out at Hartland. To get to the beach we had to abseil down a cliff face which everyone did and we spent the rest of the day scrambling along the coast, stopping occasionally to look for crabs!! The weather was hot and sunny which was a blessing! In the evening we took part in the Skern Lodge Olympics which lasted for two hours and involved quite a lot of singing?!

Wednesday morning saw us based in the Lodge grounds and we enjoyed tunnelling and the zip wires (I didn’t realise that you can hang upside down whilst zipping along and screaming at the top of your voice!!) Following a delicious lunch we set off for LA where we took part in raft building and silly games on the water. In the evening we went for a walk through Appledore and to get some ice creams, the girls had to answer a quiz about interesting facts on the walk- (try asking them what colours are on the Devon flag, who mans the lifeboats or what the name of the King on the stone was!!)

On Thursday we played on the high wires in the morning and it is fair to say that the girls embraced the activity fantastically, they tried all the equipment, much to the delight and amazement of the staff. The afternoon was spent kayaking down the River Torridge, after a few games had been played. The evening activity was camp craft and the girls had to make a shelter from tarpaulin and wood. The girl’s artistic side really shone through…. have you ever seen fairy lights made out of leaves?

Finally, Friday arrived and after a morning spent doing team challenges and tackling the assault course, 21 rather tired but happy girls and 3 members of staff (also tired and happy!) got into the mini bus and came back to Knighton.

I would just like to thank the Alpha girls for being so brilliant throughout the whole trip. They got on with everything and embraced all the activities. For some there were real challenges which were overcome but generally the emphasis was on having fun…….which we had plenty of and it was great to see so many smiling faces!!

Mrs Spencer

Knighton House School pupils enjoy a ‘working together day’

Knowing that collaboration is the way forward for girls to have success in the workplace, we planned this term’s Knighton House Learning Disposition day, where our girls think about not what they learn but how they go about doing it.

The purpose of the day was to practise and hone their collaborative skills.  Girls had undertaken preparatory work before half term, thinking about the skills required to be great collaborators and their classrooms show the fruits of this thinking.  The display ‘How to Work Collaboratively’ reminds girls how to be a proactive group member; from taking responsibility for listening in a group task, to urging the benefits of ‘wait time’ when embarking on a collaborative task.  The girls devised a really effective set of guidelines and are able to refer to these when they are asked to work together and to ensure that every group task is a productive one for everyone, whatever their natural inclinations

The day itself started with coming together as a group and talking about what each person expected from the day and what they could contribute to the group. Throughout the day the pupils took part in a variety of activities including a team scavenger hunt, ‘all aboard’ which challenges the teams to work together to fit into an ever decreasing space and writing a continuous story, line by line, individually, to form one story by the group.

In ‘The Worst-Case Scenario’ pupils were told that they had been shipwrecked on an island, the tide is coming in quickly and they need to work together to concoct a solution that ensures everyone gets off the island safely. Forming a ‘Human Knot’ the pupils had to work together to try and untangle the knot without letting go of anyone’s hands.

The final challenge was the Knighton House Giant Collaborative Doodle – each group was given a piece of A1 paper and had to plan a theme for a giant collaborative doodle, they then got doodling. The groups then joined their pieces of paper together to make one giant doodle, ensuring all the space is filled up and coloured in. The Doodle has been put on display as a reminder of the power of collaborating.

‘The day taught us how to work together with more than just our class, which is a really useful skill for later life.’ Delphi D

‘It was a great day for coming together.  I really enjoyed doing the giant doodle; I have never worked with other year groups before and I learnt a lot about how they collaborate.’ Anna S


Lord Price CVO talks to pupils at Knighton House School

As part of the Knighton House School KED talks (Knowledge, Enlightenment and Discovery) we were pleased to welcome Lord Price, a former Knighton House parent, to talk to the year 6 and 7 girls.

Lord Price, Minister of State at the Department for International Trade, British businessman and former Managing Director of Waitrose, and Deputy Chairman of the John Lewis Partnership, author and chess wizard had the girls eating out of his hand as he gave a summary of his hugely interesting working career and how he came to be the first Baron of local Dorset town Sturminster Newton.

Lord Price related to the girls his ambition to be a professional golfer in his youth and the girls happily shared their dreams for the future of being, a human rights lawyer, vet, doctor, teacher, a seamstress marine biologist, a writer and more!

The story of an inspiring school trip brought huge amusement and laughter in the room and, for Lord Price, a degree in Ancient history and Archaeology.  His love of golf was the driving force behind his start in John Lewis – a perk of the job is that partners working for John Lewis are able to play at one of their courses! Food was high on the agenda whilst he was MD of Waitrose – obviously the girls all expected that he sampled all the delicacies before they appeared in store, an enviable task!

Enlightenment about the process of being made a Baron was listened to with rapt attention – trying to conjure the picture of the enormous book in which all Lords are recorded. What was it like to be telephoned by the Prime Minister and asked if you would like to be Lord?

There were many members of the school chess club in the audience and they were keen to hear about the writing of The Foolish King. Written by Lord Price this is a mythical story about the origins of chess it is discussed enthusiastically in chess club. Several girls have since downloaded the app and are playing chess online with like-minded children from all across the world. Budding authors asked many questions about what book will be next and how to go about writing your own book.

The hour soon sped by as we were treated to a highly entertaining and relevant speaker who knows and loves Knighton House.

IMG_0080 small
Science wows the pupils at Knighton House School

To start the term with a WOW the science department organised a visit from ‘Fantastiko’ science circus.  All the children experienced circus tricks and activities and learnt about the science behind the trick.

The aim of ‘Fantastiko’ science is to bring science and the circus together. The day was run by a ‘retired’ trapeze artist/engineer!  For each trick the children had the science behind it explained as they had a try.

We learnt that spinning a plate is all about creating enough speed, by putting a force onto the plate, for a gyroscopic effect to take place.  This balances the plate on the stick.  The faster the plate was spinning the more stable it became, allowing us to have a try at some extra tricks of throwing and catching the spinning plate.

Next the children had a try at playing with the diablo.  This involved creating enough friction in one direction to spin the diablo on the string.  The children soon got the hang of making the diablo spin straight by keeping the forces balanced and were able to move on to using gravity to perform some simple tricks.

We were then able to apply what we had learnt about forces to further pieces of equipment; such as bean bag juggling, feather balancing, stilts and the unicycle.  Once everyone had had a try at some of the smaller items they were able to move on and experience the thrill of the tightrope and the trapeze!  This piece of equipment makes use of forces to allow you to perform a range of different poses and moves.  The girls particularly enjoyed the ‘stag’ move on the trapeze!

“Finding out how circus tricks work is a great way to ignite the children’s interest in science and it was a joy to watch the children displaying previously undiscovered talents.” Sarah Wicks, Headmistress.

Spinning plates
Knighton House School is ‘excellent’ in ALL areas following latest ISI inspection in March 2017

Knighton House School was inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) in March 2017. A team of inspectors spent three days at the school, observing lessons, talking to pupils, digging into documents and corresponding with parents. An inspection is one of the big moments in the life of any school, holding up the children’s experience to independent scrutiny.

We have now received the ISI findings and I am pleased to share them – the links to the reports are below.

The first is a short ‘Focused Compliance Inspection’. This assesses Knighton’s performance against ISI’s required standards. On these measures the school can only ‘meet’ or ‘not meet’ the standards. I am very pleased to say that Knighton House has met all ISI’s standards on compliance.

The second, longer and more discursive report is the ‘Educational Quality Inspection’. This, as the name implies, evaluates the quality of the education that the pupils are receiving at Knighton House and in The Orchard.

In particular the report judges two things:

  1. The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements.
  2. The quality of pupils’ personal development.

I am very pleased to say that ISI have found Knighton House to be ‘Excellent’ on both measures — this is the most favourable judgement and highest term of praise that ISI can give.

We are all delighted to have attained a perfect score from ISI. But beneath these headline judgements the report contains a wealth of detail about how Knighton works and about the experience of being a pupil here. I urge you to spend some time reading the report.

There is no question that this inspection is a resounding affirmation of the efforts of all the Knighton staff — the teachers who every day devise and deliver the rich curriculum and the administrative team that makes sure that we are staying up to date with regulations and best practices.

But, for me, the most impressive aspect of this superb inspection is what it says about all of the children. Their attitudes and behaviour, their ‘resilience’ ‘empathy’ ‘imagination’ ‘enthusiasm’ ‘sensitivity’ ‘resourcefulness’ — these warm terms of approbation sing out from every page.

I believe it is this collaborative and supportive spirit between teachers, pupils and parents — which so struck the ISI inspectors — that makes Knighton unique and special among prep schools.

I hope you enjoy reading these inspection reports as much as I did. They show that this summer Sarah Wicks will be handing the leadership of Knighton over to Robin Gainher, with the school performing very well.

Yours sincerely

Camilla Masters

Chair, Board of Governors
Focused Compliance Inspection:  Knighton House FCI Final 21 04 17

Educational Quality Inspections:  Knighton House EQI Final 21 04 17

Knighton House School pupils succeed at literary competition

Earlier this year St Mary’s school launched a writing competition for young people in North Dorset and South Somerset called ‘Born to Write’ and the theme was Relationships.

Over sixty entries from students aged 11 to 16 at nine different schools were submitted before the February deadline. “We were so pleased with the response, given that it’s the first year of the competition”.

Former Booker Prize judge Fay Weldon had the difficult task of making the final decisions. She went to St Mary’s last week to present awards to the competition winners in at a special event.

Overall winner was Delphi from Knighton House with her wry tale of the planets in our solar system. Minna was Highly Commended.

A delighted Delphi said, “When they were reading out the names of all the prize-winners, I thought they had forgotten me. So when they read my name out as the overall winner, it was even more exciting! It was a great experience meeting Fay Weldon and I will definitely enter again next year as I really enjoyed it.”

You can read the stories here:

Delphi Short Story Writing Competition

Minna Short Story Writing Competition

winners for web
Knighton House School performs Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 at Knighton House School put on a marvellous performance of Craig Hawes’s Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits.

Set in the ancient city of Old Bagdad the story is one of a royal palace, sparkling rubies, flying carpets, genius genies, a windy camel and of course a lot of thieves!  The show has a fantastic number of jokes and one liners and it is to the credit of the girls’ performance and their perfect comic delivery that the audience laughed for the whole performance.

As with all Knighton House School plays and performances pupils throughout the school are involved in all parts of the play; from lighting and sound, props, makeup and hair – it really is a team effort. Huge thanks to the team of set builders and painters, costume makers and of course the Director, Jo Mortimer, who work so hard to ensure the quality of school performances are high.

IMG_0150 (1)
Portman Hunt meet at Knighton House School

Knighton House School was delighted to welcome the Portman Hunt back to the school. There was a fantastic turnout; the riders met in the cross country field and enjoyed the stunning surroundings of the school and the pupils, staff and other visitors watched the occasion whilst eating delicious treats from the school kitchen. An additional highlight for those girls not on ponies was seeing the hounds.

Eight pupils joined the meet on their ponies, some experienced and others relative newcomers to hunting, including some very young riders from the schools pre-prep The Orchard.  Knighton House was also thrilled to welcome back some Old Knightonians to the school who took the chance to visit the school and go out with the Portman.

Here is an account of the day by Year 8 pupils, Phoebe and Minna:  “After hours of work, getting our ponies ready, they were spotless, plaited and ready to go! We walked down the drive with lots of other Knighton members to join the meet. The rest of Knighton gathered to see the meet; the hounds were running around excitedly. We were then offered delicious snacks, cheese straws, sausage rolls, biscuits and flapjacks. Soon after that we set off down the Knighton drive. We found ourselves galloping through fields and jumping logs, it was great fun! After hours out in the beautiful countryside we returned to school with very tired ponies and big smiles all round”.

The Headmistress, Mrs Sarah Wicks, commented “It was a great pleasure to welcome back the Portman Hunt and to watch our girls ride off with such confidence. Riding across country requires independence, fitness, courage and resilience, all of which you will find in abundance at Knighton House.”

Robin Gainher to be the new Head of Knighton House School
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press release page 2
New Good Schools Guide review of Knighton House School
KHS The Good Schools Guide 2017 1
KHS The Good Schools Guide 2017 2
KHS The Good Schools Guide 2017 3
KHS The Good Schools Guide 2017 4
Knighton House School in Dorset magazine article

Dorset Mag -
‘Getting it wrong’ day at Knighton House School

As adults we understand that making a mistake, or many mistakes, is part of life. The key is learning from these mistakes. It is hard as a child (or indeed an adult) to react positively to being told that you have got something wrong. Reacting emotionally to mistakes or criticism by becoming cross, crying, rolling your eyes, shrugging and pretending you don’t care are ‘emotional’ responses and don’t help you process mistakes.  We all do it.

It is hardly surprising that ‘getting it wrong’ is viewed so negatively by children, as they are growing up in a society where the pressure to be perfect is increasing; where media is often driven by highlighting and ridiculing peoples’ mistakes, perfecting celebrity images through photo shopping is normal and being seemingly intolerant of failure is acceptable.  We are the culture of ‘one right answer’.

As part of the wider curriculum and Personal Enrichment Programme that Knighton House School runs, the school wanted to turn this on its head. They dedicated a day to ‘getting it wrong’ and crucially to show the pupils how to make the most out of getting it wrong. The activities throughout the day were varied: role plays to practise how to use and absorb the language of productive criticism, watching and discussing a TED talk by ‘Wrongologist’ Kathryn Schulz, discussion groups on how society views mistakes, the ‘Crumpled Paper ‘activity which gives pupils a physical and positive reminder of their mistake-making and finally a group task to conceive and paint a rug design, to reflect the Islamic tradition of incorporating deliberate mistakes into their artwork to remind us that there is no such thing as perfection.

Quote from pupils about the day:

‘It made me realise you can be wrong in the right ways.’

‘Today we learnt a new, better way of thinking; that wrong is right.’

‘I learned that you can make mistakes or you can fail but you can try again too.’

The U13 hockey team at Knighton House School to represent Dorset

The Knighton House U13 hockey team have been unbeaten in matches since September. The squad (Clemmie, Blanca, Millie, Rowena, Daisy, Louisa and Ruby with help from Mencia, Scarlet and Ellie) have played 10 fixtures this term and have won them all.

The girls topped off their best season by coming first in the In2Hockey tournament at St Mary’s on Wednesday, where, despite the freezing cold they won their group stage beating Gillingham, Clayesmore and Leweston. They then played Castle Court in the semi-final and having drawn with them 3-3 went on to win through penalty strokes. This meant a place in the final against Sherborne Girls School which they won 2-0. Knighton House School now go on to represent Dorset in the next round of the competition to be held after Christmas.

This has been an outstanding year for the Knighton girls and they should be proud of their success through dedication and hard work in training. Knighton House School Hockey Coach, Justin Perry comments “This hockey team has made huge progress over the last two seasons and have shown commitment to improve through practice with many attending extra hockey at Blandford Hockey Club;  a well-deserved successful season for them”.

Thank you from the Friends of Knighton House

Many thanks to all of you who came and supported the Knighton House Christmas Fair. Your attendance and buying tickets for the raffle raised over £2100, with an additional £186 being donated to the Ducks and Drakes Cancer Trust . Your support this term has enabled the Friends of Knighton House to buy data loggers, library furniture, Orchard waterproofs, gym mats and all the raffle money will all go towards the upgrading of the outdoor play facilities.

Many thanks to everyone who helped in the great team effort at the Knighton House Christmas Fair….especially Father Christmas!

Durweston School donates to memorial garden at Knighton House School


Children from Seahorses class at Durweston School, near Blandford visited Knighton House School last week to say a very big ‘thank you’.  Every Wednesday, Knighton House provides a minibus and driver to take the Durweston children to their swimming lessons in Blandford.  To say thank you, the Durweston children handed over a cheque to Mrs Wicks, the Headmistress at Knighton House School, which will go towards a bird bath in Knighton House School’s memorial garden. The children delivered the cheque with the message ‘Thank you Knighton, we really do appreciate your support!’

The memorial garden has been created over the last year to celebrate the life of Miss Elizabeth Potter, who tragically died last year. Miss Potter was a very keen gardener and much loved matron for over eleven years at Knighton House School. Many of the plants in the garden are taken from clippings in her garden. The garden is designed to be a place for quiet contemplation whilst enjoying spectacular view of the Dorset country side that surrounds the school for pupils, staff and visitors to the school.

‘Knighton House School is always pleased to play a role in our local community and sharing our facilities is an ideal way to do this. As well as driving the children to swimming we also invite Durweston children for hockey lessons on our all-weather pitch. It was wonderful to be able to show the pupils the memorial garden where their kind donation will buy a bird bath and some spring bulbs’.

Knighton House School, near Blandford in Dorset, is a prep school for girls aged 7-13 and The Orchard is a pre-prep for boys and girls aged 3-7.



Knighton House School pupils visit local mansion for history lesson

The Knighton House Year 6 pupils visited the beautiful National Trust house and gardens of Montacute House to learn about life in a Tudor mansion and to examine the National Gallery portraits in the Long Gallery. This is to help with their study of people and symbolism in Tudor portraits in history lessons. They learnt how important the images in the portraits were, the types of fabric used in Tudor clothing and what the paints and pigments were made from – a particularly yucky one was brown which came from ground up Egyptian mummies.

“Montacute was amazing! From the top floor of the portrait gallery to the extravagant gardens. We had a lot of fun dressing up as the monarchs at the time (Henry 8th and Elizabeth 1st) and learned a lot about the portraits, servants and lords and ladies of the time. We explored all the gardens and saw the weird hedges that looked like faces caused by heavy snowfall that moulded them into amazing shapes”. Fenella, 10


Visit to Lines of Thought Exhibition, Poole

On Wednesday 2nd seven Knighton House girls accompanied by their art teachers visited ‘Lines of thought: Drawings from Michelangelo to now’. This is an exhibition at Poole museum which showcases 70 sketches and drawings from some of the finest artists the world has ever seen, with prestigious works by Picasso, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Bridget Riley highlighting this extraordinary collection.

Due to the light sensitive nature of these works, one of which is an Egyptian papyrus dating back to 1st century BC, these pieces of art can only be bought out into the public eye for a maximum of twelve months in every 10 years, before being returned to the British Museum, where they are carefully looked after.

The aim of the exhibition is to encourage people, young and old, to pick up their pencils and be inspired by the masters to sketch and explore the lost art of drawing and the KH girls were certainly very keen to demonstrate their skills and particularly loved sketching a Degas drawing. “I just loved that drawing” said Tarka Hawes, “The way the light fell on her body and the wonderful use of soft curvy lines”

Knighton House School geography pupils visit Kingston Maurward Animal Park

On 3rd November B2 visited Kingston Maurward Animal Park as part of their study of food and farming in geography.

The visit focused on dairy farming and pupils were lucky enough to be introduced to two very tiny calves which had been born that week. They also learnt about the different ingredients used to make the food for the cows being kept in the barns. The girls were also allowed to go into the sleeping area but quickly learnt to stay away from the rear ends of the cows and there were frequent cries of ‘yuck!’

The girls then followed the route of milk from the milking parlour and got to stand inside the milking area to examine the equipment and then practiced their own milking skills.

The pupils impressed staff with thoughtful questions and they loved the girls’ hands on approach.

Knighton House School pupils learn lacrosse

On Monday afternoon Emily Spivey, Lacrosse Coach from Sherborne Girls School, came to Knighton House School to work with our yr7&8 pupils. We thought this would be a great opportunity for the girls to have an introduction to the game before they encounter it at their senior schools. We will also be taking some pupils to Lacrosse training sessions at Sherborne Girls School over the next couple of terms.  

Louisa took part in the session:   On Monday a Sports Teacher from Sherborne came to Knighton to teach A1 & Alpha Lacrosse. It was really fun, starting with learning how to hold the Lacrosse stick we quickly moved on to how to pick up the ball using the three S’s (step, squat, scoop) and the three P’s (pull, push, point) and even how to receive the ball doing the triple threat. At the end of the session we went into groups to play a mini passing game in which you had to do three passes to your team mates to score a point. Lacrosse was really fun and I can’t wait until next week when we will play again. 

Knighton House School hold Equestrian Event

Last weekend Knighton House School held their annual equestrian event which included dressage and show jumping. The cross country element had to be postponed due to earlier torrential downpours so the one day event became a Combined Training Event.

Sixteen girls took part; some on their ponies from home, with others taking part on pupils’ ponies who are kept at school and shared with other girls to ride, as well as school ponies. This means the event is open to the whole school and is often the first equestrian event the girls take part in.

On Saturday morning, despite the rain, the girls completed their dressage. A special mention to Georgie S who did very well on Sparky – the most senior school pony at the age of twenty five!

In the afternoon there was much excitement as the girls came straight from lessons to prepare for the show jumping.  The classes allowed girls of all abilities to compete, jumps ranging from very small to 70cm.  Congratulations to Scarlet and Madeline for winning their classes and special mention to Buzz and Abigail who competed very well on school ponies.

The event drew quite a crowd of spectators, in glorious Dorset afternoon sunshine, with huge amounts of cheering and encouragement for all the girls who took part.

Music pupils visit Bryanston to join prep school orchestra

On Thursday 4th October, Buzz Louisa, Phoebe and Anna joined a prep-school orchestra of 120 players of Grade 4-8 standard for three hours of rehearsal at Bryanston’s new music school. They gave a short concert at 5pm of the piece they had learned in advance and also a new piece that they learnt on the day.

The excitement of playing in an orchestra that is bigger than the whole of our school will have filled their ears and minds, as well as experiencing the discipline of working alongside such advanced players. This day was part of the girls’ gifted and talented enrichment programme.




The Orchard at Knighton House School get cooking to celebrate Harvest

The Orchard, Knighton House School’s pre-prep with boys and girls aged three to seven, worked hard and had a fantastic time picking, preparing and cooking their Harvest lunch on Tuesday.

The three course lunch started with year one’s home made vegetable soup with year two’s home-made bread. The nursery made the main course which was delicious pizzas topped with a huge variety of toppings and finally the reception class used their own ‘orchard’ to pick apples and foraged the hedgerows in the school grounds for blackberries to make a perfect crumble.

Despite the weather the children, staff and guests ‘picnicked’ in the Orchard classrooms and thoroughly enjoyed the feast. 



Stonar Isode 24/25 September 2016

Many thanks to all connections who provided the girls, team managers and each other with support and guidance over the weekend.  We were all so proud of the girls courageous attitude and methodical approach to what was a challenging day. 

The 70-75cm team all performed brilliantly to achieve 2nd place, out of 10 schools, with an amazing score of 91.3.  The scores were very close and we were only 0.5 point off the leaders.  Individually, Madeline placed 4th, Scarlet 7th and Millie 9th

The 80-85cm team rode with skill and determination; all getting double clears.  Despite a few challenges in the dressage their perseverance was rewarded by 8th place overall with Phoebe 7th and Clemmie 10th individually.


Overall a fantastic day which saw hard work and courage pay off! 


A2 Pilgrimage to Wimborne

The annual Pilgrimage to Wimborne Minster took place on a lovely warm September day.

The trip enabled the girls to take both their geography and Religious Studies class work out of the classroom and put it into practice. Starting at Whitemill and walking alongside the River Stour allowed the girls to see some of the river processes. Photographs were taken of the riverbank and bed with the terms erosion and deposition being brandied about with great familiarity.

Photographs were also taken along the route to annotate their map work – pointing out places where the terrain changed or there was a fork in the path. Choices of route were hotly debated. A kingfisher was spotted sunbathing on the fence and footprints were recorded for later identification.

Having looked at why people may want to undertake a pilgrimage there was much discussion on the impact walking a long way may have on someone’s faith. The camaraderie as well as the personal thought and meditation of such a journey were explored. The awe of arriving at the Minster and seeing the beautiful windows and sheer majesty of the ceiling wiped away any thoughts of sore feet. A visit to the chained library, where the children were given an interesting talk about its history and a search within the Minster for information on Margaret Beaufort, the astronomical clock and an altar cloth depicting the sound Jesus Christ rounded off a very worthwhile day.

The Orchard Pre-prep at Knighton House School is hosting weekly afternoon clubs.

The Orchard pre-prep is offering new afternoon clubs to all children aged 3-7 years from 3.45pm – 4.30pm Monday to Thursday, during term time.   This term there are a number of regular fun afternoon clubs that all children are able to join:

Monday – Gardening club – get green fingered and enjoy our wonderful garden and Orchard.

Tuesday – Make & Do – a chance to get creative and have fun crafting.

Wednesday – Sewing Bee – the children will be making a range of fun items.

Thursday – Mix & Match – the chance to have fun with a choice of IT and art activities.

‘Everyone is welcome – do bring your son or daughter along and try any of the clubs out – your first visit is free of charge’.

Knighton House School unveils new boarding facilities

Knighton House School has seen a significant amount of investment over the summer holidays. The totally new Alpha ‘flat’ for all Year 8 pupils wowed parents as well as pupils when the ribbon was cut to open it on Tuesday evening when Mrs Wicks welcomed the new Year 8 cohort. The new dormitories, bathrooms and large common room give the girls increased independence in a modern environment preparing them for their senior school.

Mrs Sarah Wicks, Headmistress comments “Year 8 is a special time at Knighton House School when we encourage all girls to board for at least part of the week. This helps them to become more responsible and independent as they prepare for the move to senior school, as well as creating friendship bonds which will remain with them for life. Our 21st century girls now have 21st century accommodation and we have also welcomed new staff to strengthen the pastoral care for which Knighton House School is well-known”.

For parents of pupils at Knighton House and The Orchard there are many more photos for you to see on our secure Portal –  www.khsparents.co.uk 

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