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Knighton House Riding Success  Pupils from Knighton House School took part in the Portman Hunt Pony Club Annual Open Show with great success and came to school on Monday with armfuls of trophies and rosettes. Oria Lockwood on Frank won her Dressage Class. Issy Lockwood on Hucklebury won first for Best Coloured Horse or Pony.  All three Slight siblings took part in the Show. Sophie Slight on Quinn, won her class of  2’6” Working Hunter and has a lovely trophy to show for it.  This qualified her for the Portman Working Hunter Championship, where she came Reserve Champion – (that makes 2 Knighton House pupil winners in 3 years) . Phoebe, riding Harvey, also took part in the Working Hunter  2’6” and came second. Finally 6 year old Ned, riding GP, took part in his first pony club show and won a rosette for dressage, a great family event! In addition Knighton House took part in the Dorset Inter-Schools Equestrian Games which was held at Bryanston School’s equestrian centre, Knighton House was the only school to field three teams.  With many clear rounds the girls did very well with one of the teams coming 6th. Congratulations to all the pupils who entered these competitions.
MP Simon Hoare visits Knighton House   Knighton House School in Dorset was pleased to welcome Simon Hoare, recently elected MP for North Dorset, to the school on Friday. After a tour of the school by two pupils he took a question and answer session with Year 8 girls. Questions included why he became an MP, would he like to be Prime Minister, the opportunity for women in politics and what advice he would give to the girls if they were interested in a career in politics?  Mr Hoare offered the girls some words of wisdom – always ‘join the debate’ and ‘no question is ever a stupid one, always ask’.  Sarah Wicks commented “We were delighted to welcome our MP Simon Hoare to the school. The girls asked relevant and interesting questions on a wide range of topics. At Knighton House we encourage the girls to think about entering all types of careers and Simon’s visit has certainly left the girls thinking about a potential career in politics”.  
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Knighton House celebrates Common Entrance success   Congratulations to the Year 8 girls at Knighton House School in Dorset who achieved a fantastic set of Common Entrance results. All of the girls won a place at their first choice of senior school with half of the year achieving scholarships. The girls are going onto a range of prestigious senior schools including Canford, Bryanston, St Mary’s Shaftesbury, Sherborne Girls and Prior’s Field. We are very proud of their success and congratulate them, the dedicated staff and their parents who have all contributed to the girls’ achievements.   Headmistress, Sarah Wicks, adds ‘We are thrilled with the consistently high success level of our year 8 girls which is achieved without pressure or stress. We wish them every success in their future and look forward to celebrating with their families in the busy few weeks before term ends’.  
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Charity Concert by Knighton House School Chapel Choir and Parents raises over £500 for children’s charities Pupils of Knighton House School really did ‘sing for children’ on Friday by raising over £500   for three children’s charities based in Mozambique, Kenya and India.  A stunning evening of an extraordinarily high musical standard was produced by the Knighton House Chapel Choir and three current parents and professional musicians Faye Eldret, Stephanie Chambers and Lydia Lowndes- Northcott. The audience was transported with musical delight, accompanied throughout by the magnificent Chris Dowie on both piano and organ. The girls’ choir impressed with a repertoire that encompassed both the cathedral tradition (Vivaldi, Mozart, Brahms, Ireland, Britten) and contemporary composers (Rutter, Nye, Goodall, Simmons, Elton John), all sung entirely from memory. Members of the choir also contributed instrumental obbligatos on French Horn, Treble Recorder, Clarinet and Violin. The girls’ professionalism and vivacity added to the entrancing sound of their clear, unforced, soaring voices, trained by their Director of Music, Philippa Hardy, who also held us spellbound with an unaccompanied vocal solo.It’s hard to choose a musical highlight of the two hour concert from the emotional strength of two violas playing Bach and Bohm, the rippling harp, the golden beauty of Faye’s voice, or the sheer joy and fun of the girls yodelling the Lonely Goatherd. They raised a substantial amount for the children’s charities in Mozambique, Kenya and India as well as giving a wonderful evening to a full Bryanston Church. A member of the audience said -“I thought the girls did incredibly well – they obviously enjoyed it all.  It was a lovely evening and you must be very proud of your girls..” The Headmistress Sarah Wicks added ‘Congratulations to everyone involved in putting on such a wonderful night – it is especially lovely that our pupils in the Chapel Choir and three professional parents were able to sing together and raise money for less fortunate children around the world’.    
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Knighton House at Wessex Athletics Competition  On Saturday Mrs Hughes and Miss Nash took 12 very excited B2, B3 and B1 girls to Walhampton School in Lymington in the New Forest to take part in the Junior Wessex Athletics Competition. Trying to keep the girls focused on the athletics and away from the New Forrest ponies was quite a challenge! We arrived and set up our lovely new gazebo (thank you Friends Of Knighton House), had a snack, then quickly took the girls off to their events. We had some super personal bests in sprinting, Molly did extremely well in her first hurdles event and Delphi and Ellie both jumped well in the long jump. Eliza had a fantastic high jump competition, smashing her PB by 10cm and Rosie also jumped well amongst some very strong competition. Both our middle distance runners, Abigail and Katie, ran well with the rest of the team supporting them all the way around. Tilly, Scarlet and Madeleine all threw confidently ending up in the top half of their groups. Both relay teams had stiff competitions but had great races. It was a fun day and we all had a great time. Senior Wessex On Wednesday 10th June Mrs Hughes and Miss Leyshon took the A1 and A2 athletics teams to Kings Park, Bournemouth for the Senior Wessex Athletics Championships. It was a packed stadium with 26 schools from across the region taking part. The team had some amazing results with personal bests from many of the girls. Namely, Louisa 800m, Adriana 800m, Ellie C long jump, Poppy L long jump and Blanca shot putt. Blanca has qualified to represent the region in Birmingham at the National Athletics finals on June 24th. Other successes included Fran reaching the 100m final and the U13 4 X 100m relay team reaching the final and coming second for the second year in a row. It was a long day but a day full of excitement and celebration. Well done everyone who competed for running, jumping and throwing as fast and far as they could.      
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Knighton House at Junior Wessex Athletics Competition  On Saturday Mrs Hughes and Miss Nash took 12 very excited B2, B3 and B1 girls to Walhampton School in Lymington in the New Forest to take part in the Junior Wessex Athletics Competition. Trying to keep the girls focused on the athletics and away from the New Forrest ponies was quite a challenge! We arrived and set up our lovely new gazebo (thank you Friends Of Knighton House), had a snack, then quickly took the girls off to their events. We had some super personal bests in sprinting, Molly did extremely well in her first hurdles event and Delphi and Ellie both jumped well in the long jump. Eliza had a fantastic high jump competition, smashing her PB by 10cm and Rosie also jumped well amongst some very strong competition. Both our middle distance runners, Abigail and Katie, ran well with the rest of the team supporting them all the way around. Tilly, Scarlet and Madeleine all threw confidently ending up in the top half of their groups. Both relay teams had stiff competitions but had great races. It was a fun day and we all had a great time.
KHS 65th badge_CMYK
Knighton House rides to success at Stonar One Day Event  

Congratulations to Olivia A​  and Lily R who represented Knighton House at Stonar Independent Schools One Day Event last weekend.
Both girls competed at an extremely high level with Lily R coming first in her section of over 30 competitors.​
Photo courtesy of J P Event Photography Ltd
Lily R and Bardwell Picture Perfect – winners of their section in the 70cm class


Knighton House School pupils step back in time   As the culmination of their study of Invaders and Settlers the Knighton House Years 3 and 4 visited the Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre. The centre is able to bring history to life with hands-on learning using ancient tools and techniques.   The girls were transported back to the time of the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. We explored the ancient buildings and learnt about life in an earth house. The girls then took part in a range of ancient technologies: We gathered stinging nettles and silver birch bark to dye some fabric. Then some of the braver girls really got their hands dirty and helped prepare and fillet some mackerel to be salted – to lots of cries of yuck it’s squishy! They also ground wheat by hand on quern stones to make flour and made honey bread on the open fire which was very tasty, if a little crunchy! The girls also used a traditional pole lathe and got rather soggy turning the water wheel. Finally we learnt how to weave and made natural soap from the soapwort plant. We all had a fabulous time and returned rather grubby and tired.
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Charity visits Knighton House School   Knighton House was delighted to Welcome Pastor Rajan from the Agape Christian Mission, a charity that Knighton House School has supported since 2009. Agape began as a Home for Children in 2006 and now provides full care for 97 children ages 5 – 16.  Former Knighton House Science teacher Sheila Dyer visited the Agape Mission and was inspired to involve the pupils of Knighton House in fundraising for Agape, which continues to date. The school now has a firm link with the Mission which includes a cultural link as well as fundraising. Through presentations and visits the Knighton House pupils now have a broader understanding of the needs and lifestyle of children in totally different circumstances to their own.  Over the past six years Knighton House has fundraised in various ways, from ‘India Days’ to cake sales and has raised over £5000. Mrs Dyer comments “Our relationship with Agape has strengthened over the years mostly because the needs are very real and the pupils at Knighton understand why we are fundraising – we know that our donations have bought two cows to provide milk for the children, 25 bunk beds, mattresses and bedding which means the children no longer sleep on concrete floors as well as outdoor play equipment. We know our future donations are being used to support the new on-site school. “  A small number of Knighton Pupils are chosen to be Agape Ambassadors giving them the responsibility to organise the fundraising events and writing letters to the children at the orphanage, one of the Ambassadors Saskia said “The visit and presentation to the whole school by Pastor Rajan made us all realise how lucky we are, how our fundraising has helped the children at Agape and why we should continue to try raise money. It was lovely that in all of the photos we have seen the children at the Mission are happy.”
‘Ink, Paper, Wire’ – Knighton House School art exhibition at Guggleton Farm Arts Project During the May bank holiday weekend Knighton house school art department ran an exhibition of artworks by the pupils of year 7, 6 and 5 at the Guggleton Farm Arts Project, Stalbridge. The work has been inspired by the human figure and natural forms culminating in wire sculptures, ink drawings and mixed media collages; produced through a series of experimental and observational drawing techniques. The girls have created diverse and personal work that challenges all expectations.
Knighton House at Guggleton
Knighton House School takes part in Tetrathlon Tetrathlon provides participants with a challenging competition requiring sound practical horsemanship and general athletic ability, it comprises the four disciplines of shooting, swimming, riding and running. Three Knighton House pupils took part in the Sandroyd Tetrathlon on Saturday, the four sections were pistol shooting at targets, swimming as far as possible in a set time, running a set course as fast as possible and riding over a course of cross-country fences.  It was the first time they had taken part in such a competition and they all did well at this multi-skilled activity. 
Knighton House School wins U10 rounders festival The festival was at Clayesmore and included 6 different teams.  V Clayesmore 5 1/2 – 4 WIN  V Sherborne Prep 6 – 4 WIN  V Portmore (a combined Port regis and Clayesmore team!) 5 1/2 – 1 WIN  V Forres Sandle Manor 31/2 – 4 lost   V Port Regis 3 -3 draw Well done to all of the players for this great overall win. Poppy Lewis was nominated Player of the match 3 times. Evie did an amazing catch in one match, Rosie H was very good at bowling.  
Parents and children learn together at Knighton House Pre-prep The Orchard The Orchard’s annual ‘Learning Together Week’ was extremely popular again this year with many parents joining us for a variety of activities and lessons.  Mrs Nye, Head of The Orchard said ‘Learning Together Week is an important event in our academic calendar. Parents are invited into the Orchard to ‘join in’ with their children in lessons. It provides our parents with the opportunity to get involved and be ‘hands on’ with their child in school, participate with their children’s learning and to share and experience with their child the excitement gaining new knowledge and understanding.   The week includes a wide variety of activities as well as the pupils’ usual lessons’. Our Nursery children took their parents outside to explore large-scale splatter painting, displaying various techniques to ‘splatter’ the paint off their brushes, exploring the shapes and patterns they created and observing colour mixing when ‘splats’ combined. The Reception Class, the children encouraged their parents to put on their thinking hats. The activity theme was investigating and problem-solving – how could we transform every day items, cardboard tubes, wool and sticks into a dragon marionette puppet complete with firey breath. The children were keen to demonstrate and share their knowledge and understanding with their parents, proudly displayed their artistic creations in the classroom. Nursery and Reception’s Out and About afternoon of orienteering was fantastic fun and the rain stayed away!  The children, armed with clipboards and pens, helped the Mums and Dads hunt and solve the clues to discover where Harold the Hedgehog was hiding in the school grounds.  Parents with children in our Cherries and Damsons classes (Years 1 and 2) took part in a science lesson and had an electric time making circuits. Through hands on exploration with wires, batteries, bulbs and buzzers, the children constructed circuits along with a concrete understanding of electricity. Putting their skills into practice, the children came up with some creative models which involved working components. One parent commented ‘It is great to come into The Orchard and be part of my children’s learning, to see the variety of ways they are taught and the fun they have.’ ENDS
dragon and girl
electrical curcuit making
electrical circuit 2
Knighton House School news Congratulations to Ms Robertson on the birth of Alfred, who arrived into the world on Monday afternoon! We look forward to meeting him soon. Congratulations to Mrs Hardy in coming 3rd in the Dorset Short-Range Rifle  Prone final on Saturday. She is already the ladies county champion! Finally congratulations to Mrs Stillman on the birth of her second grandchild Imogen Emma.  
Knighton House School celebrates superb scholarship results Congratulations to the pupils and staff of Knighton House School, who are celebrating some of the School’s best ever scholarship results. Out of a class of fourteen, seven girls have won eight awards. 50% scholars is a remarkable achievement in any school, especially in a non-selective school like Knighton House. It only adds to Knighton’s long-term record that 100% of our leavers win places at their first choice senior school. Sarah Wicks, Knighton’s Headmistress said, “These results are a testament to the hard work of the girls and teachers but they also show the magic of a small school, where individual attention, not pressure, helps girls reach their full potential. It is particularly pleasing to see Academic, Music and Sports awards — as well as our All Rounders being recognized.” Results in full Francesca H:   Canford — Academic Francesca RM: St Mary’s Shaftesbury — Academic Charlotte F:     Sherborne Girls — Music Scholarship & Academic Exhibition Lucy S:            Prior’s Field — Music Exhibition Annabel A-H:  Sherborne Girls & St Mary’s, Shaftesbury — Sports Scholarship Hannah C:      Sherborne Girls — All-rounder Scholarship Sara-Kate H:    St Mary’s, Shaftesbury — Sports Scholarship   Let your daughter come and experience Knighton House for herself at one of our Activity afternoons (29th April – Cooking in French, Wednesday 6th May – Spectacular Science, 13th May – Have a go Hockey and 20th May – Amazing Art). Email admissions@knightonhouse.co.uk or call 01258 452065 for more information.
Knighton House School performs the musical Olivia!  The Easter term at Knighton House School ended on a high with years 3, 4, 5 and 6 putting on a marvellous performance of Malcom Sircom’s Olivia! Set in Victorian times, the musical traces the steps of Olivia, from downtrodden orphan to star of the stage. Her journey to the bright lights of London is full of adventure; she is befriended by Eliza Doolittle, becomes a singer in a new Gilbert and Sullivan show, thanks to the unlikely assistance of Fagin and The Artful Dodger, with scenes involving George Bernard Shaw, Ebenezer Scrooge, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. All the girls played several parts, performing great musical numbers, as groups and solos, managing numerate costume changes, adopting cockney accents, perfect comic timing whilst entertaining full audiences. Headmistress Sarah Wicks ‘As Head of Drama for 20 Years I know that taking part in a musical production is a total learning experience for the pupils. They have to remember lines and when to say them; learn songs and choreography; remember where and when to come on and off stage; know where to stand and when to move; and remember to pick up the props they need. They have to work together co-operatively and support each other but they also have to be independent and responsible for themselves, as well as keeping calm when things don’t go to plan! Most of all, performing in a safe and supportive environment helps children to develop self-confidence and you can almost see them grow on stage. This is why every girl is part of a production each year and why the staff and girls put so much time and effort into them. ’
Knighton House School girls excel in LAMDA Speech and Drama  Congratulations to our 18 pupils who all did extremely well in the recent LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts) speech and drama examinations – all achieving a merit or distinction – a fantastic achievement.  Knighton House offers speech and drama lessons to all pupils in the prep school. The LAMDA courses foster an appreciation of literature, poems and drama. It teaches children who enjoy acting and performing a structured skills framework that builds their confidence, communication and presentation skills – all whilst having great fun! Increasingly how we look, sound and act in front of others determines how we are perceived in both our personal and professional lives.  Whether conversing, attending interviews, public speaking, presenting information or performing on stage, the girls are taught how to perform and communicate to the best of their ability.   They learn how to deliver vocal clarity, projection and expression and how different words, intonation, body language, movement and stance affect and reinforce their message. Once learned these skills remain embedded for life. Year 8 Pupil Hannah Collin says “Speech and Drama has really helped me to build my confidence; I am far less shy now when I meet new people. I understand how to use and project my voice which helps when I have to speak in front of audiences in my role as Head Girl at Knighton House. It really helped me to prepare for senior school interview questions, especially my scholarship interview at Sherborne Girls.” Teacher Emma de la Poer – “the girls at Knighton House have consistently achieved high grades at Speech & Drama, over the last few years eight of the scholarships awarded to Knighton House pupils have included drama”.
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Widen their circle of friends
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Knighton House School skips for British Heart Foundation And so Knighton House skipped; from 9.00am until 4.15pm, without a break. With the help of the eldest girls, Nursery skipped with hoops, while elsewhere the rest of the school sang skipping songs and chanted skipping rhymes and practised their skipping moves: The Backward 180°, the Side Swing Cross and the Swing Kick.  I may even have seen a Wounded Duck being performed but that has yet to be confirmed. Skipping in groups or skipping solo, we skipped for 7 hours and raised tons of money for the British Heart Foundation.  Well done to all the skippers and thank you to their sponsors.
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Portman Hunt meet at Knighton House School On a beautiful Spring morning Knighton House School was delighted to welcome the Portman Hunt back to the school after more than 30 years, it was a fitting return for the Portman Hunt as the school is where Viscount Portman lived with his family for many years.  The riders of the 50 plus horses and ponies met in the cross country field and enjoyed the stunning surroundings of the school and the pupils, staff and other visitors watched the occasion whilst eating delicious treats from the school kitchen. An additional highlight for those girls not on ponies was playing with the hounds. 15 pupils joined the meet on their ponies, some experienced and others relative newcomers to the hunting experience.  Here is an account of the day by a Year 8 pupil, Hannah: “After two hours of washing, grooming and plaiting we walked on our ponies down to the meet. The school and lots of visitors had gathered to watch the meet and enjoy sausage rolls, biscuits and Kit Kats.  We soon set off down the drive and onto Bryanston Wood; before long I was in the middle of a field surrounded by the hunt. We jumped logs, rails, hedges and cross country jumps and returned to school after many gallops with sweaty ponies and smiling faces. Hunting from my school was one of the best and most special experiences I have had there. As I haven’t been hunting a lot, being out hunting with my friends boosted my confidence. It was also very special for me as I am in my last year at Knighton House so I won’t have another opportunity like this. As we knew the area well and all being close friends we had the best fun doing what we love most in the world, RIDING! “ The Headmistress, Mrs Sarah Wicks, commented “It was a huge privilege for the school to welcome back the Portman Hunt.  All of the children enjoyed the occasion, as did many parents and guests. The girls who went out on their ponies demonstrated skill, courage, initiative, responsibility, independence and care for each other – all qualities we strive to nurture at Knighton House”.
Knighton House School has most successful open day On Saturday 28th February Knighton House held a special open day which included a host of activities for children all based around the theme of animals. It proved to be the most popular open day the school has hosted in recent years. The children arrived and were straight out on to an animal trail where they saw the resident pygmy goats, chickens, guineas pigs, rabbits, ponies and the visiting alpacas. They were then treated to seeing visiting barn and tawny owls with a question and answer session by Cherry from the New Forest Owl Studio. Then it was into the classrooms for a range of activities; calligrams (poetry in the shape of animals), making animal shaped pop sticks in the cookery room, origami and owl mosaics in the art rooms, programming onscreen robotic creatures in the ICT department, creating symmetrical butterfly collages in the maths room and the final activity was the dissection of owl pellets where the girls were looking for the skeletal remains of what the owl had eaten – vole mostly! Whilst the children were busy, their parents had a chance to meet each other and staff over coffee and have a tour of the school by the Year 8 pupils. The Headmistress, Mrs Sarah Wicks, commented “The day was a huge success and there was a real buzz around the school; the children seemed to love the activities which allowed their parents to have a good look around”.
Dissection of owl pellet
Knighton House School girls on radio  Pupils from Knighton House School, near Blandford in Dorset, today experienced the hi-tec world of recording studios making a radio advert for the school’s open day. Four girls from a range of year groups learnt a script, donned headphones and went into the state of the art new recording studios at neighbouring Bryanston School. They only needed 2 takes to get the recording done and then marvelled at how the technician finessed the recording and played back the finished advert in a matter of minutes.   ‘It was the most amazing thing I have ever done, a once in a life-time experience, and I can’t believe our voices will be on radio so soon!’ Louisa Year 6 . The Headmistress, Mrs Sarah Wicks added ‘it was a tremendous experience for the girls to record the radio ad and we are so grateful to Bryanston for letting us use their studios’. The advert will be played on local radio over the next few weeks.
Knighton House Public Speaking Competition  If you are often called upon to give presentations at work or if you have ever been asked to speak to a roomful of people, then these statistics, drawn from several studies, may resonate: 74% of people suffer from anxiety about speaking in public, of which 75% are women and 73% are men. Not so at Knighton House School, where our girls, from Year 2 upwards, practise and hone their public speaking skills early. As we know, being able to speak well in public increases your confidence in all areas of school life and so the girls willingly took on the challenge. Seventy five girls learnt poems, prose pieces and even song lyrics by heart and presented these in the class competitions. The heart-breaking lines of Oscar Wilde’s poem ‘Requiescat’, the humour of Roald Dahl’s ‘The Dentist and the Crocodile’, and the poignant words of Malala Yousafzi’s biography, entertained, provoked and moved Knighton in equal measure last week, but the eventual winners were duly voted for by their peers and we had a field of seventeen for the final. The Junior and Senior finals were closely fought: ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ against ‘True Story’, ‘Three Little Eggs’ versus a self-penned poem, ‘When I Grow Up’, Molly Lumsden’s ‘Falabella’ to ‘Old Wounds’; how were the judges to choose? They were looking for a special combination of eye contact, articulation, varied expression, use of gesture, volume and clarity of delivery and found them in Ellie Coles (Senior Winner) and Connie Daley (Junior Winner). Our congratulations also go to the two worthy runners up in each section, Rose Mortimer and Maria Dodd.
Knighton House welcomes Pimpernel beagles Knighton was delighted to host a meet of the Pimpernel (Royal Signals) beagles on Saturday, by kind permission of the Masters. It was a delight to see local links re-invigorated, including the pack’s affiliation to the Royal Signals Camp at Blandford, many local people who regularly follow the Pimpernel and of course Kennels being so close. Beagles used to meet at Knighton every year until about twenty five years ago so, for some of the school community, this was a rare opportunity to see beagles close up. Although thousands of people see beagles at country shows, only about a dozen girls had actually been beagling before. We were privileged to have the pageantry of green hunt coats, white breeches (soon covered in muddy paw marks) and ancient customs right in front of school. At the meet, twenty couple of hounds instantly disappeared under a sea of excited girls. The beagles loved being petted as much as the girls enjoyed stroking them and learning their names. Delicious bite-sized food and drink was handed round by Alpha girls who, as ever, represented the school beautifully with their smiles and good manners. Eleven boarders followed for an hour with staff and many more walked up the track to watch the first trail being laid for these extremely engaging hounds. Knighton girls are well used to donning wellington boots and warm coats for traditional outdoor pursuits, so they enjoyed their taste of this uniquely English country sport.
Gym Tumbling Competition 29th January 2015 This year Knighton House hosted the 3rd Knighton v Hanford Gym Tumbling Competition. The competition was judged by Mrs Nathalie Boyer-Castle, Director of Sport at St Mary’s Shaftesbury. Each school entered 4 teams, U12/13A, U12/13B, U10/11A and U10/11B. All gymnasts were judged on 2 tumbling sequences. The first, a compulsory sequence, the second, a more demanding tumble with a higher tariff. Congratulations to Olivia and Paula for scoring maximum 9 points for their 2nd tumbles. Teams U11/12A Paula (C) Annabel A-H, Hannah, Sara-Kate U11/12B Ellie C (C) Olivia, Marta J, Zara, Anna, Molly L U10/11A Millie (C), Daisy, Paloma, Blanca U10/11B Tarka (C), Scarlet, Molly C, Maeve, Rosie H
Sports Report – Netball matches week of 26th January Saturday 31st January U10 Netball V Leweston 4 – 17 lost. Player of the match – Molly  U11 Netball V Leweston 1 – 8 lost. Player of the match – Phoebe  U12 Netball V Sherborne Prep 17 – 1 WIN. Player of the match – Fran  U13 Netball V Sherborne Prep 5 – 4 WIN. Player of the match – Jemima     Wednesday 28th January U10 Netball V Sunninghill 8- 3 WIN. Player of the Match – Poppy U11 Netball V Sunninghill 7 – 12 Lost. Player of the Match – Lucy U12 Netball V Sunninghill 8 –  0 WIN. Player of the Match – Anna U13 Netball V Sunninghill 4 – 9 lost. Player of the Match – Lily

Scholarships Awarded

A number of Scholarships and Exhibitions have already been awarded to Knighton House Pupils:

Charlotte F – Music Scholarship and Academic Exhibition to Sherborne Girls. Lucy S –  Music Exhibition to Prior’s Field. Francesca RM – Academic Scholarship to St Mary’s, Shaftesbury. Sara-Kate H – Sports Scholarship to St Mary’s, Shaftesbury. Annabel AH – Sports Scholarship to St Mary’s, Shaftesbury.   Many congratulations to you all.


Primary Maths Challenge

More than 84000 Year 5 and 6 pupils took part in the exciting national Primary Mathematics Challenge last term. Our certificate winners this year are: Gold: Louisa B and Rosie RM Silver: Blanca and Scarlet Bronze: Millie, Lucy A, Buzz, Annabel D, Rowena, Tilly Y, Isabella, Katie S   Congratulations, girls!


Journalist and Editor of Blackmore Vale Magazine visits Knighton House School

Pupils from years 7 and 8 enjoyed a talk this morning (21st January) from the editor of the Blackmore Vale, Mr Tim Lethaby.  The Blackmore Vale prides itself on being the largest local magazine of its kind in the UK, reaching 55,000 households per week via the printed magazines and 20,000 online users per week. Tim provoked great discussion amongst the girls as they gained an insight into journalism, learned of the relevance of local news, the rising importance of digital media, particularly Twitter and the opportunities available from an early age to get published material out there.  Look out for the rise of the Knighton blogger in the coming months!  Big thank you to Mr Lethaby from Knighton House for such an interesting morning.  

Sports Report – Netball matches 21st January U12A V Blandford  8 – 2 WIN. Player of the Match – Fran U12B V Blandford 11 – 0 WIN. Player of the Match – Adriana   Congratulations to both teams for two great matches.

Dorset Schools Cross Country competition

Well done to the twelve girls  who took part in the Dorset Schools Cross Country on Wednesday 15th January.

Many congratulations to Sophie S who has qualified to compete at the South West Schools Competition.  

x country 2
cross country
Sports Report – Netball matches 14th January  U12 Netball V Yarrells  21 – 2 WIN.  Player of the Match - Anna & Fran  U11 Netball V Yarrells 10 – 3 WIN.   Player of the Match - Louisa  Congratulations to both teams for two great matches.
Sports Report U13A Netball V Hanford  7 – 14 lost. Player of the Match – Jemima  U13B Netball V Hanford   4 – 3 WIN.  Player of the Match - Marta  U12A Netball V Hanford  1 – 17 lost.  Player of the Match - Georgia & Olivia  U12B Netball V Hanford  11-4 WIN.   Player of the Match - Molly  Captains Player of the Match - Sophie    Well done to everyone who has taken part in a sporting fixture this week.

Comenius trip to Bulgaria – November 2014

Most recently 4 Knighton House girls joined two members of staff on a trip of a life time to Bulgaria. The visit took us to a small town called Parvomay, which is a two hour drive south east of Sophia. A very quiet, modern town with little character, but softened by the wonderful tree filled park. The weather was cold and crisp, and the sunshine brought a bit of warmth to the otherwise rather grey surroundings. Our hosting co-educational school of 650 children was enormous by comparison to the cosy surroundings of Knighton House and the corridors were filled at break time by a plethora of youngsters ranging from 7 to 18 years old! Accompanied by children from all of the other visiting countries, the girls immersed themselves into Bulgarian life for the week. At school, they attended lessons and enjoyed a variety of project based activities, returning home to their host families for lunch each day, and participating in family life. We were given a warm reception by our Bulgarian Co-ordinator, Vesselka Shopova, the Headmaster, staff and children at SOU “Prof. dr. Asen Zlatarov” and were welcomed on the first day by senior girls dressed in tradition costume. A variety of dance displays started the visit and between meetings, we were treated to a number of cultural visits. The highlight of the trip for us all was a day out to Plovdiv, voted to be the European City of Culture in 2019. Built on a Roman town, Plovdiv is full of historical interest, with cleverly exposed Roman buildings, medieval streets, an ancient mosque and wonderful baroque architecture. The visit to Bulgaria was an extraordinary experience for the girls, who exchanged their comfortable routine for a totally different lifestyle, food and language for a week. The grand finale at the end of the week was humbling.  Every family in the school had cooked a traditional dish and the tables were spread with a multitude of home grown vegetables, jars of pickles and Jams. The children put on the play ‘Charlie’s Aunt’ and a good time was had by all. Our cases were stuffed to the hilt as we sheepishly made our way to the departure gate, but all our jams, marrows and knitted socks made it back to England! Knighton House hosts Comenius finale We are very excited that the final visit will be to Knighton House in June 2015. Our aims are to provide a wonderful experience of Dorset life for our visitors and to showcase the results of the project.

comenius Bulgaria
comenius bulgaria 4
Sports Report On a very wet Wednesday (26th November) we took four groups to Leweston School for a muddy cross country run.  U10/11 Leweston Cross Country  out of 100 runners and 25 teams Team – 8th/25 21st Clemmie – 11.42,  29th Daisy – 11.55 , 36th Phoebe – 12.06 ,  39th Louisa – 12.15 Team 17th/ 25 40th Poppy – 12.18, 62nd Bea – 13.09, 73rd Rosie H – 13.47 ,  82ND Scarlet – 14.15  U12/13 Leweston Cross Country  out of 127 runners and 31 teams Team 11th / 31 21ST Hannah – 10.43,  53rd Sophie – 11.23,  64th Annabel – 11.32,  66th Ellie – 11.35 Team 15th /31 46th Jemima – 11.18,  67th Charlotte – 11.35,  69th Sara-Kate – 11.36,  95th Anna – 12.27   Hockey KH   U10 V Downlands U11  0 – 7 Lost  Player of the match Poppy 1– 4 lost  Player of the match  Molly  Well done to everyone who has taken part in a sporting fixture this week.

Musical start to the weekend

Fridays’ music assembly last week included the pre prep Orchard pupils singing a song about Autumn Days to the whole school with actions – many overcame nerves to stand and perform in front of the whole school. The Autumn Concert on Saturday saw thirty varied pieces performed.  The whole school was included in the concert in some way, either playing an instrument, singing in a choir or carrying out the essential roles as stage hands and sound technicians  – even the audience were given the words to sing the chorus to Singin’ in the rain!  These termly concerts are an opportunity for the pupils to perform on stage and enjoy the great gift of music which is celebrated at Knighton House School.

Autumn concert recorder and flute
autumn concert piano

Sports Report

Two amazing hockey matches against Hanford on Saturday. Our girls played with such determination! They defended well and set up some great goals. U12B Hockey V Hanford 3 – 0 WIN  Players of the match – Molly L and Georgia W. U12A  Hockey V Hanford 7 – 0 WIN  Player of the match – Olivia A. Last week we had some rainy matches on Wednesday.  All the girls played well despite the wet conditions – they definitely earned their match tea! U10 Hockey V Leweston 0-1 lost   Player of the match – Scarlet AH. U11 Hockey V Leweston 2-4 lost   Player of the match – Tilly Y. U12 Hockey V Dumpton 2-2 draw    Player of the match – Georgia W. U13 Hockey V Dumpton  0-9 lost   Player of the match – Lucy S and Coaches Player of the match – Emily H. Congratulations to all girls who took part and particularly those who have been voted as players of the match. This week we have all age groups out playing hockey! Good luck everyone.


Pupils enjoy a day of environmental education

Last week, pupils from years 3, 4 and 5 at Knighton House School visited the Magdalen Project near Chard for the day to enjoy an educational experience outside the classroom.  Magdalen is a working farm set in 132 acres of Somerset countryside.  The project offers children and adults the opportunity to learn new skills, develop a deeper understanding of the countryside and learn that sustainability should be fun. The Knighton House School pupils enjoyed being farmers for the morning.  They visited, cuddled and fed the chickens who seemed particularly ravenous and discovered a couple of expert chicken catchers amongst them!  They moved on to the vegetable and fruit plots where they bravely tasted flowers and herbs to varying cries of ‘yuck’ and ‘yum’, although it was agreed that sorrel was the tastiest.  The pigs enjoyed a good scratch although their paddock was so squelchy that two children had to be rescued after their boots got stuck.  Meanwhile, some of the year 5’s were making fires, collecting eggs and roasting marshmallows on an open fire.  They made some very tasty omelettes on the cob oven using eggs they had collected earlier.  All the girls then took part in a bug hunt and found a good variety of fascinating bugs.  They learnt about how food travels and the benefits of locally produced food.  Only one child was brave enough to try the composting loo!  A successful day summed up by one year 2 pupil – “a really fun place to go to”. .


Knighton House fireworks evening

Knighton House enjoyed a fantastic evening of fireworks last week.  The rain held off and the pupils and parents were delighted to see the revival of the bonfire which has not been seen at Knighton House for over 10 years. The bonfire was lit at 6pm and the children enjoyed hot dogs and donuts around the fire whilst sporting an array of ‘glow’ ears, sticks, necklaces and bracelets.  An impressive display of fireworks followed on the front lawn. In the words of an old girl who is also a current parent :  “the bonfire was magical….for a minute I was back at school again,  8 years old and wearing red dungarees……thank you !”   .

single girl

Writing ‘witches’ visit Knighton House

The writing witches from Bournemouth University visited B2 and B3 to conduct a spellbinding writing workshop with them. They were able to select props out of the magic bags and learnt spells to help them remember the key parts of a story. They then worked in groups to write stories using their props and told them to the rest of the class. All children really enjoyed the experience and are eagerly writing stories to enter the 500 word competition.

writing witches

Dorset Fire and Rescue visit The Orchard

The Orchard have been learning about the key topic of  ‘Ourselves’, with each year group exploring and investigating different aspects. One central theme has been ‘keeping safe’ and the Orchard was very pleased to welcome John from Dorset Fire and Rescue Service who spent the whole morning with us. The children were taught about keeping safe, being aware and most importantly what to do in the event of an emergency. The highlight of the morning, for all the children, was having a go with the hose in the courtyard. At the end of the morning, following a quiz, each class achieved the Bronze Safety Award.


Knighton House School hold Equestrian Event

Knighton House School held their annual 2 day equestrian event which included dressage, show jumping and a challenging cross country course.  Twenty girls took part; some on their ponies from home, with others taking part on pupils’ ponies who are kept at school and shared with other girls who don’t own ponies to ride. This means the event is open to the whole school and is often the first 2 day equestrian event the girls take part in. On Friday, despite the rain, all the girls completed their dressage, with fantastic scores being achieved by Oria Lockwood and Buzz Borneman in their respective classes. On Saturday there was much excitement as the girls came straight from lessons to walk the cross country and show jumping courses.  The three classes allowed girls of all abilities to compete, jumps ranging from 1ft6” to 2ft3”.  Congratulations to Lily Ryder, Scarlet Alers-Hankey and Lucy Southwood for winning their classes with Lucy competing on an old girl’s pony, May.  Hannah Collin put in a great performance after her pony went lame, she continued to compete on another pupil’s pony and gained a well deserved 3rd.  Such is the enthusiasm for this event that Madeline Reader-Smith played in the U9’s hockey match immediately before the event and after a quick change of clothes, hopped on her pony Hippo to complete a clear round and take a well earned 2nd place.  The event drew quite a crowd of spectators, in glorious Dorset Autumn sunshine, with huge amounts of cheering and encouragement for all the girls who took part. Knighton House are looking forward to competing in the Inter schools competition to be held by the South West Wilts Pony Club in November.  The next equestrian event in the school calendar is the Sponsored Show Jumping event on Saturday, 8th November where the girls will be raising money for new schooling mirrors for the arena.

Maddy on Hippo

Knighton House School and the Comenius Project: EUniting Voices

Knighton House pupils are some of the students and staff from nine European countries who have come together in the Comenius project EUniting Voices www.eunitingvoices.com. This is a two year project, funded by the European Union. The aim is to promote an awareness of the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity within Europe and to understand the need to combat prejudice and racism. It gives many children the chance to travel and get to know other European people and cultures. Pupils also work on cross-curricular topics within school and then share their work. A final animation will present the work that has been done and so unite European voices. Each country hosts a visit giving students and staff the chance to travel and experience life in another country. Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, France and Romania have all hosted visits, giving nineteen Knighton House girls the opportunity to travel and experience different European cultures. Trips to Bulgaria and Turkey are still to come. Romania visit Most recently 2 year 7 pupils and 2 members of staff from Knighton House School returned from an exciting visit to Crivina de Sus in western Romania. The local primary school teacher and his family hosted our girls in their home in the tiny village of Crivina de Sus. This rural community was very different from rural Dorset. We often saw families sitting in the fields watching their own cow, or bringing them home at the end of the day with the cow bells ringing in the still mountain air. Small hayricks looked like statues standing next to the fields of maize and pumpkins. We visited two of the local schools to see their facilities but also to be entertained by the songs the youngest children had learnt to welcome us. Older students joined the younger children to show us traditional Romanian costume and dancing. The local community organised a wonderful evening party and we were able to participate in Romanian dancing, simplified for beginners! We visited wooden Orthodox churches with magnificent painted decoration covering walls and ceilings. Some of these were small village churches while others were large monasteries with tranquil grounds or mountain views. On our last day we had a trip to Hunedoara and the famous castle where Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Dracula, was imprisoned. This is an amazing building of turrets and vaulted ceilings. This was followed by a funicular railway ride up the steep side of a sleeping volcano cone to an ancient citadel. The 360 degree view was stunning. Beautiful western Romania has given us many experiences and memories and the opportunity to make new friends from many countries. Knighton House hosts Comenius finale We are very excited that the final visit will be to Knighton House in June 2015. Our aims are to provide a wonderful experience of Dorset life for our visitors and to showcase the results of the project.   

The Orchard gets cooking to celebrate Harvest

The Orchard, Knighton House School’s pre-prep with boys and girls aged three to seven, really had fun cooking for their Harvest lunch on Tuesday. The three course lunch started with year one’s home made vegetable soup and  year two’s French bread. The nursery made the main course which was delicious pizzas and finally the  reception class used their own ‘orchard’ to pick apples and hedgerows in the school grounds to make crumble.  The feast was enjoyed by the staff and pupils.   

Orchard festival3

Knighton celebrates 65 years

It was 1950 when John and Peggy Booker came to Durweston and opened the doors to Knighton House School. This year we are celebrating 65 years of Knighton: part of that is an effort to contact every OK and every old parent of the school — we want everyone who is part of the Knighton story to be part of the celebrations. We will also be putting in place ‘Knighton 65’ a new development plan to serve Knighton over the next 65 years.   


New Head for Knighton House School

Presentation Day is the day when Knighton House pupils, staff and parents come together to celebrate the past academic year.  This year, the event also marked the occasion when Alison Tremewan, headmistress for the last five years, handed over the headship to Mrs Sarah Wicks, the current Deputy Head and who has taught at Knighton for almost 20 years. Chair of Governors, Mrs Camilla Masters, thanked Alison for her hard work and leadership and wished her success at Sherborne Prep, where she takes up a new post in September.  Camilla added that Sarah Wicks was supremely qualified to lead Knighton forward and build on the excellent reputation and academic successes the school has seen. She said: “Our scholarship successes and ‘outstanding’ pre-prep are reflective of the excellent staff and the calibre of children who all agree that Knighton is a very special, unique school. “We wish Alison well in her new role and are extremely confident that Sarah Wicks will ensure the school continues to go from strength to strength as we embark on the next chapter in Knighton’s long history.” Next year marks Knighton’s 65th anniversary and planning is already underway to celebrate in style!


Success for Team Knighton at Stonar

The riding team from Knighton House School is celebrating following a very successful event at the Stonar Inter-schools One Day Event held last weekend (17/18 May). The school’s show jumping team: Annabel Alers-Hankey, Martha Allhusen, Louisa Harman and Francesca Grazebrook, came 2nd in the team event out of 39 schools from across the UK, including individual 1st and 4th places. Mrs Catherine Goddard, head of riding at Knighton House, said: “This is a magnificent achievement – we are only a small school in comparison to many of the other schools which had travelled from across the country to compete, so we are delighted for the girls who have worked so hard.” Knighton House’s own XC and riding arena, at its site in Durweston, is available for hire, for information please contact the school on 01258 452065


Singing amid the Tanks!

Echoes of ‘We’ll Meet Again’ rang around the Tank Museum on 7th June as the Knighton House choir gave its annual charity concert. Students from Knighton House School performed surrounded by tanks on the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Funds raised by the evening were donated to two military charities with close links to the school: Combat Stress and Help for Heroes. The audience were treated to guest performances by English National Opera tenor John Hudson, Dorset Opera soprano Charlotte Hewett and Annemarie Lees, soprano and former Director of Music at Knighton House, who performed alongside the school’s Chapel Choir. Sarah Wicks, Knighton’s new Headmistress said: “It has to be one of the most dramatic settings we’ve ever performed at. The whole evening went so well and our girls were thrilled to perform alongside such eminent professionals. We are immensely proud to support these two charities and the fantastic work they do in the military.

Guggleton Arts proves quite a draw for Knighton House

Having recently published its extensive programme of forthcoming events, Guggleton Farm Arts Project is delighted to welcome Knighton House School as a new addition to its group of existing supporters. Keen to build associations which enhance the school’s enthusiasm for art, Knighton House will be working with Guggleton Farm Arts and an exhibition of work by senior girls is planned for the autumn at the gallery in Stalbridge. Headmistress, Alison Tremewan, said: “The school has always encouraged creativity right from our youngest children, nurturing and developing artistic talent. We have a very strong art department and have been successful in gaining Art Scholarships, including one for Bryanston School this year. “We are very impressed with the breadth and variety of art which Guggleton supports and look forward to being inspired.” Isabel de Pelet from Guggleton Farm Arts Project added: “It’s delightful to see such interest in art in school and applaud the school for embracing art in the way they do. We hope that this new partnership will further encourage the children to take up their paintbrushes and enjoy learning about and appreciating art – something that will stay with them always.” Both Guggleton Arts and Knighton House will be venues for Dorset Arts Weeks exhibiting pieces from invited local artists between 24 May and 8 June.

Greenwood Awards give the green light to top education.

It’s that time of year again when parents up and down the country are learning which primary school their child will be joining in September. With recent headlines again reporting the squeeze on places at top performing state schools, many parents may not have been offered their first choice school and are now wondering what to do to provide their child with the best possible start. Alison Tremewan, Head at Knighton House, of one of the few remaining all girls’ prep schools, explained: “For parents who live outside catchment areas for their preferred schools, it really is worth investigating what the independent sector has to offer.” Knighton House has just announced they will be offering four new means-tested bursaries called ‘The Greenwood Awards’ which offer significant financial support for children joining the school in Years 3 and 4 and will continue to support the child all the way through to Year 8. “We are exceptionally confident in the educational, social and nurturing care we offer. The awards offer the opportunity to benefit from all that Knighton has to offer from riding, music and drama to excelling at scholarships for senior schools,” added Mrs Tremewan. With an ‘Adventure Activities Morning’ planned for Saturday 10 May, children will have the chance to experience Knighton House in a fun, enjoyable way. For more information or for an informal chat about the Greenwood Awards, call 01258 452065.